Monday, November 21, 2016

42 74 99 | MNF, Raiders vs Texans, Mexico City, halftime box score notes

Ten = 12/39
Twenty = 26/107

Notice Carr has 74-yards at the half.  Raiders = 74; Halftime = 74
Osweiller has 108, and net 99.

The leading receiver for the game has 42-yards.  It is the Texans coach's 42nd game, and Derek Carr's 42nd game as well.


  1. Notice the 19 + 67. O Brien could pick up his 19th loss tonight.

    I think we see a Latavius Murray TD this half.

  2. So Derek Carr's older brother David used to play for the Texans when they began as an expansion team. He has a SB ring with the Giants in SB 46 against the Patriots. That SB was played in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on 2/5 the same date as SB 51