Friday, November 4, 2016

57 91 123 | Illinois police eye possible new suspect in December 3, 1957 child murder (World Series related propaganda)

As you read the story, you should have these, "Eh?" moments.

December 3, 1957, eh?   Conspiracy = 123
Illinois, eh? 
This news the day after the Cubs win the World Series, eh?
November 3, eh?  113, eh?  Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

World Series = 57
Chicago Cubs = 91
12/3/1957 = 12+3+19+57 = 91
It's more made up news by the numbers.


  1. Where is the Dept of Justice in all of this? They seem noticeably absent ...

    There should be a statute of limitations on murder -- simply because the ONLY reason these cold cases are brought out & reported as "solved" is for publicity.

    The truth is -- the system is incompetent & does a miserable job of CORRECTLY prosecuting crimes when the proof is recent & blatant.

    Give them 50+ years to fuck it up, & literally ANYONE is liable to be plucked from obscurity & railroaded.

    Who Truly remembers where THEY were on March 24 when they were 18?
    What if the system leapt up out of the blue & demanded that you do so? What if you HAD to produce the same memories as other people ... or else?

    This takes on added weight when you consider what's being dubbed The Mandela Effect. It's not all about Froot Loops vs Fruit Loops -- it's also about people remembering their lives differently.

    For a man in his 70's to be convicted on the deathbed accusation of his mother implies that she had to be at least 90+ ... which, to anyone with a brain would be difficult to validate.

    But -- the system DOES consider that "Deathbed Confessions" fulfill one of the prosecutorial requirements of "proof" ... & that's another "law" that should've been tossed LONG ago. Especially when the time frame stretches for decades.

    It made me wonder what the sister's angle was ... & I'd bet you it had to with inheritance. This was a sure-fire way to get her brother out of THAT picture.
    Following the money trail from that angle might also reveal who received the pay-off(s) to pursue this prosecution.

    Not much was said about the letter that exonerated him -- other than it was "shy". Perhaps it came from a family member of the sister -- someone who knew the truth. Wouldn't it be ironic if the "shy letter" itself resulted from a Deathbed Confession?
    It's the Legal Infinity Loop ...

    1. March 24, 1997...No idea, probably skipping class and chasing ass.

    2. Which means playing video games and drinking soda.