Friday, November 4, 2016

46 98 112 | Reader Contribution, Jim Harbaugh, Tom Brady Andrew Luck & the upcoming Super Bowl

University of Michigan = 112

Jim Harbaugh = 98
Tom Brady = 98
Michigan Wolverines = 98

Remember, Tom Brady was playing catch with Jim Harbaugh 46-days after his birthday.

Michigan = 46
Patriots = 46
Chicago = 46


  1. I forgot to add one thing. Harbaugh's first coaching job was as a QB coach for the Oakland Raiders, the year after they lost in Tuck Rule game to Brady. That's the year that Gruden went to the Bucs and beat the Raiders in Story Bowl 37 (Chicago=37). Of course the regular season rematch this year ALMOST ended in a tie, with a final sum of 54. Go figure.

  2. Has anyone ever seen the netflix show "The Ranch" with ashton kucher, danny masterson, about ranchers trying to make there way? Kucher's character is named "Colt" and he's a failed QB who came back home to help the family etc. His brother is Masterson and his name is Rooster - 2017 is the year of the Rooster and starts on Jan 28th, about a week before the SB.

    Anyways, in one of the last episodes of Season 2, the most recently released season, "Colt's mother is talking to him about his past failures in football and brings up the story about when he had a tryout with the "Barcelona Dragons" - they were an actual team in the NFL Europe in late 90's and early 2000's. Well, the Barcelona Dragons won their only World Bowl title in 1997 - a key year that's been mentioned plenty here in referencing the Colts SB chances this year.

    Barcelona's coach that year was Jack Bicknell the coach of Boston College throughout the 1980's and coached BC when Doug Flutie had that historic Hail Mary in 1984. From the day the Colts left Baltimore in 1984 until that Flutie Hail Mary game later that year was 241 days or 34 weeks and 3 days. Jack Bicknell = 39/93 for even more connections to this Colts SB idea this year.

    Finally, Season 2 of the Ranch came out on netflix on Oct 7, 2016 a date with 17 numerology like this year's SB and from that day until the SB is 121 days (revelation).. I think there could be something more here as the show is set in Colorado and the mention the Denver Broncos alot. They even have a Xmas gift in the last episode of Denver Broncos playoff tickets given which could be something as well. in the Deflate Gate year, the Colts got through the Broncos before losing to New England in AFC Championship. Could it be the same path this year with a different result?