Friday, November 4, 2016

74 93 112 | Bill Murray ate at Bonfatto's before the Cubs won the 112th World Series, November 2, 2016 +Bill Murray's mother's death, November 2, 1988

Goodness truthseeker, the name of the restaurant sums to '112' and the name 'Bonfatto' alone sums to '93'.  Again, the Cubs became the first team to clinch a playoff birth with their 93rd win, the number for Saturn, the keeper of time.

And let us not forget what else stands out about Bill Murray in regards to this World Series, read about Bill and the Curse of the Billygoat here:

For one more good one, look at what day Bill Murray's mother died, November 2, 1988, 28-years to the day the Cubs would win the World Series.  That date can be written 11/2...  Both starting pitchers wore the #28 for Game 7.  7x4 = 28 (7, the 4th prime number)

It is no wonder Bill Murray was so confident the Cubs would win this year

11/2/1988 = 11+2+19+88 = 120
11/2/1988 = 11+2+(1+9+8+8) = 39 (39 Books in the Old Testament)
11/2/1988 = 1+1+2+1+9+8+8 = 30 (Saturn = 21/30/93)
11/2/88 = 11+2+88 = 101

Her dying in the year '88 is very significant to the Curse of the Billygoat, which Bill Murray is directly connected to through his name gematria.  Read about that here:

William James Murray = 88 (S-Exception)

Notice how the place of death connects to 'Bill Murray' and 'Championship'.

Again, the Cubs broke a 108-year drought, the longest in American sports, and in the city of the 108-story tall Willis Tower.

Something I noticed from my blog.  On October 25, 2014, two years to the day the World Series started, Bill Murray was getting big press in the media:

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Oh, and one last point about Evanston, Illinois, where his mother died.