Monday, November 21, 2016

78 121 | Selena Gomez talks about money and happiness at American Music Awards, November 20, 2016

Selena Marie Gomez = 78/87/168
Selena Gomez = 50/59/122

Selena shared her big revelation about money, materialism and happiness 121-days after her birthday.

Revelation = 121

Notice her '121' birth numerology to match.

7/22/1992 = 7+22+19+92 = 140
7/22/1992 = 7+22+(1+9+9+2) = 50
7/22/1992 = 7+2+2+1+9+9+2 = 32
7/22/92 = 7+22+92 = 121
7/22 = 7+22 = 29

Notice also, her birthday is July 22, or 22/7.... 22 / 7 = Pi (3.14)

Notice how her name synchs with the name of the awards.

Keep in mind records spin at 78 RPMs.

Also, here is the latest example of the gang that controls the media and money, reminding the masses that money and wealth has nothing to do with happiness.


11x11 = 121...


  1. She's a tricky one. sELEna Gomez(Zemog)

    Zemog is a demon
    He/She is invoked in Scottish Rite rituals.
    Sometimes called Lemog.

    Ancient and accepted Rite. Thirtieth degree. Rite Ancien, etc. Fr. and Eng

    You can find this text on Google books. Page 55-58ish explains a bit about the lodges. Lemog(Zemog) is spoken as a token.

    She, like most of the Poppers, is a symbolic demon that they are awarding. Just keep an EYE open for anyone with an EL or LE.

    1. mELania Trump
      EL surrounded by Mania
      (m EL ania)

    2. Great info, Lord -- thanks for passing that on! :D

  2. "Broken Inside" is a way of saying a women has lost her virginity (hymen being broken)
    But this is symbolic of a transition to evil or a higher level of the occult (initiation)
    She wears red, the color of the scarlet women (whore).
    Lady Gaga is wearing white, represents her mentor.

    1. I am sure she has felt broken inside since she was a Wizard at Waverly Place then.

    2. Yeah, no doubt. I think this is more symbolic than physical.
      The Red and White theme (whore/virgin)

    3. Oh sure. I get that. Maybe Selena will be doing the chair dance soon too, eh?

    4. Exactly, time for her to whore out.


    27:00 ish.

  4. I hate these scum with a passion. I really hope there's justice when all is said and done. Sick of these frauds playing mind games with the masses, and the masses who worship them.

  5. "Broken Inside" reminds me of that wretched movie "Inside Out" -- about the little girl with only ONE "Positive Emotion" ("Joy") & the REST are Negative.
    That movie has been incredibly effective at spreading DISINFORMATION about how the Brain & Emotions REALLY work. Parents & kids have swallowed that shit whole -- falsely convinced that what it shows is "True".

    But what "Inside Out" REALLY does is explain to KIDS the "Benefits" of MK-ULTRA programming ... how to Recognize (& assign blame to) Your "ALTERS". (It's a kid-friendly version of "The United States Of Tara".) This movie TEACHES that each emotion corresponds with a specific "Alter Ego" -- THAT HAS THE POWER TO CONTROL YOU.
    I KNOW this is how Kids & Parents are interpreting "Inside Out" -- because I spend so much time trying to UNDO this Disinformation.
    I got my fill of grandkids saying, "It wasn't ME! ... "Anger" took over -- & I couldn't stop him!"
    Now ... whenever I hear this Bullshit ...
    what they "KNOW" -- is that I'M going to whack them across the back of the head (a "Gibbs-Slap" -- familiar to NCIS viewers, lol) ... for Lying.

    And you know what? They ALWAYS Laugh. Because they KNOW what they're saying is a Bullshit Excuse ... meant to CON their Confused Parents. They KNOW they're Lying ... & they've SEEN that IT WORKS.

    Pair that with the "Truth Is Flexible" agenda ... & we can get an idea of the Shifty, Devoid-Of-Honor generation that's being CREATED.
    Because THAT'S what kids are getting from all this "BROKEN" ... "ALTERS" ... "FLEX-TRUTH" ... Messaging --

    No Accountability / No Responsibility / No Honor ...
    While also Inviting them to Randomly Assign Blame ...
    & conversely ...
    To ACCEPT ...
    That BLAME ... WILL -- At Times -- Be Randomly PLACED UPON THEM.

    It's TRAINING them to ACCEPT The INEVITABILITY Of An "Infinity Cycle Of RANDOM BLAME ASSIGNMENT ... & that ...

    Claiming to simply be "BROKEN" ...
    Offers them an OPTIONAL "OUT" to Avoid that Blame.

    ADMIT ... that You're "BROKEN" --
    ACCEPT ... the "HELP" being "OFFERED" --
    & AVOID any "CONSEQUENCES" for your ACTIONS.


    1. Excellent comment, I've been trying to explain to family and friends the perfidy of that movie ever since it came out. You sum it up wonderfully.

      The whole "mental health" industry exists to perpetuate the idea that we are "broken inside", and convinces you that if you're feeling "down" then you are somehow deficient, when "mental illness" is generally a very rational response to living in this insane world we find ourselves engulfed in.

    2. Thank you ... Your points about the "Mental Health Industry" are right on the mark!
      It's such a relief to know that there ARE others who recognize this movie for what it REALLY is. It's so frustrating to be surrounded by people who've been Blinded by this Pseudo-Scientific Propaganda.

      Thanks for sharing -- & reminding me that there ARE still SOME Thinking Minds out there. If it weren't for this site, I'd seriously think there aren't ANY Intelligent People left ... Lol! ;D

  6. I just saw a total BS Facebook post about the whole "Standing Rock" Psyop that is going on. It was from
    "Standing Rock Rising" = 102/211 (key of David/Alt 911 dialing code)

    This is such BS!
    Supposedly a guy named "Israel" (no joke) was shot in the back and head by a rubber bullet.
    The rubber bullet ripped part of his "scalp" off....
    Can they be more obvious? A guy named Israel gets "scalped" while defending Native American land? The best part is that the guy who posted it said to "re-share it" because Facebook removed the post" He is implying it must be "real" if Facebook wants it removed. Great tactic eh?

    1. That IS some Crazy Shit! No wonder they're "publicizing" the FACT that there IS Fake News ... They want people to believe that the Fake Stuff ONLY shows up on Social Media. To drive that point home, these posts are going to get more & more outrageous.

      And when Tons Of Idiots STILL believe this Bullshit ... well, so much the better. They'll just add THAT info to the Personality Profiles they collect via Facebook posts & shares!

  7. Look at that pic of Gaga -- the DESIGNS On Her SLEEVES ... combined with her Deliberately Pointed HAND GESTURE ... forms a recognizable symbol of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis).

    Gaga's appearance on SNL -- right before the election -- featured her singing a "Gospel-Like" song ... about going to (her) "church" ... & "praying".

    This latest "Gaga-Persona" is identified with her Wearing a WHITE, CASSOCK-LIKE COAT ... & a Distinctive WIDE-BRIMMED HAT. (It's NOT a "Cowboy Hat".)


    Named "SATURNO" -- for it's SIMILARITY To -- SATURN & IT'S RINGS.

    Worn by Catholic Clergy -- Usually JESUITS -- While Also Wearing A CASSOCK.
    Either in White ... Red ... or Black.

    Under "Capella Romano" -- Wikipedia provides a link showing a similar WHITE One -- worn by Pope John XXIII. ;D

    1. Lady Babalon, the Mother of Abominations.

    2. So True!! For me, her "Raw Meat Dress" (from a few hrs ago) -- said it all. Now I just want to GAG whenever some idiot tries to convince me that "She's TALENTED!"

      And I will forever be convinced that "She" was Actually Born A Male.
      "She" HAS NO HIPS ... a Body Trait that they have yet to "expertly" conceal ... Or Create!

    3. yes yes yes! everybody is chiming with with amazing insight into this, I love it! Im so used to seeing narrow-minded naivety wrapped in a blanket of truculence ready to pounce on anyone not sharing their narrow world views . You've all hit the nail on the head with these analyses.

    4. Jessica -- Yes ... Isn't it a RELIEF to know that there ARE "Others With Their Brains Still Intact" ?!?

      The INTELLIGENCE expressed by SO MANY on this site is indeed a Treasured Oasis.
      Where else could I EVER hope to find a wonderful phrase like "Blanket Of Truculence"?! Love your writing! ;D