Sunday, December 11, 2016

13 33 37 41 84 119 144 | 119 Jacob Sheep delivered to Israel, November 30, 2016 (News by the numbers)

This reporting comes from the 'Times of Israel', a gematria appropriate name.

Read about Israel and 119 & 911:

Notice the relationship between 119 and 144 in mathematics.  This story marks a spell moment in time, for the "all seeing eye" aka the "Star of David" gang.

Jacob is another name for Israel.

Notice it is '119' of Jacob's sheep.  This comes just after the news of Joel 1:19 being recovered at Dolly Parton's ranch on November 29, 2016, the 69-year anniversary of the recognition of Israel as a nation, which was done by the United Nations, with a 33 member vote, November 29, 1947.  This picture shown below was supposedly the lone page to survive the wild fire that impacted her property.  Notice Joel 1:19 is about a wildfire in the wilderness.  The Bible story is in reference to Biblical Israel.

The verse is from the King James Bible.

Again, Dolly Parton was born January 19, 1946.

On November 29, 2016, the day the bible page was recovered, Dolly Parton was in Los Angeles, at 'The Voice' singing her song 'Jolene', which she recorded the song on May 22, 1973, on a date with '119' numerology.

5/22/1973 = 5+22+19+73 = 119

Serta Mattress commercial from 2010 (Donald, in same suit as November 9, 2016 announcement as President)

Donald Trump, named the 45th President on November 9, 2016, or 11/9.

Notice the sheep began arriving November 30, a day after the November 29 news.

11/30; Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

Also notice the mention of 3 of the 11 flights have arrived.

The Beast = 311 (Jewish Gematria); U.S.A. = 3.1.1.

That point about Noah's Ark is cute too.

Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Israel recognized as a nation with a 33 member vote, on the 333rd day of the year, November 29, 1947.

Lewinsky = 37; Israel = 37

Remember the gematria of 'Genesis'.

The Gematria of 'Jacob Sheep' is also interesting.  Keep in mind Genesis is the first of 39 Books that make up the Old Testament, which the Jewish faith goes by.  Again, Israel is the Jewish State.

United States of America = 84; States = 84; Jesuit = 84; Lawyer = 84; Savior = 84
Divide and Conquer = 84; Order Out of Chaos = 84

The date November 30 also connects to 'Jacob'.

11/30 = 11+30 = 41 (41 is the 13th prime)

USA = 41; 13-stripes on the flag; 13 Colonies

With regards to this order coming from Canada...

Canada = 144 (English Gematria); Sagittarius = 144Time = 144 (Jewish Gematria)

The 12th Fibonacci Number is 144, and this arrival happened the last day before the start of the 12th month, December.  December 37/55; Israel = 28/37/64

Notice the relationship between 119 and 144 in mathematics.

In regards to 'Dolly Parton' and 'Sheep', I am reminded of Dolly, the cloned sheep, revealed to the world on February 22, 1997, a very specific date to sheep.

7/5/1996 = 7+5+1+9+9+6 = 37 (Israel = 28/37/64)

From Dolly's birth to Dolly's debut, on '2/22', was 232-days.  Remember, Israel is the home of the 'Synagogue of Satan'.

Notice February 22 is the 53rd day of the year, connecting to 'sheep' and 'cloned'.

The sheep was "CLONED".

'53' is the religion number.  '53' is also the 16th prime, and here we are in 2016, with the 'Trump-Pence'.

Notice Dolly was born in 1996, the 'Freemason' year.

The date of July 5 can be written 5/7 or 7/5, both significant.

Remember, the sheep began arriving November 30, 2016, or 11/30.

In addition to '53' and '222', for February 22, or 2/22 debut of 'Dolly', the word 'hell' also connects.

Israel?  IS RA HELL?

The Book of Joel is about God's judgment for Israel, a book of prophecy, just like Revelation.  Revelation, the book of prophecy and destruction.

Let us bring this back to 'Revelation for a moment.  The date of the numerology of the 'Dolly' announcement, was a date with '121' numerology.

2/22/97 = 2+22+97 = 121

Notice this verse from Revelation.  The lamb?  A lamb is a young sheep.  144,000?  How about sheep from Canada, or "144"?

Mount Sion, or "Zion", is in reference to Israel.

Let us close with this last related note.

Kronos = 29/38/47/92 (Time = 47) (Israel recognized as a nation in 1947)

Notice that Kronos and Saturn are aliases.  Saturn is the keeper of time, represented by '93', and everything about Israel is coded '93', from beginning, to present.  The nation of Israel was drawn up on the date September 3, 1947.  Notice the '93' and '47'.  

Don't forget that in this world, you're told the sun is 93 million miles away

All of these things are coming in the time of the 'Trump-Pence' ticket, the warning signs in time.


  1. Wow. And recall the name of the first cloned sheep in the world. Hello, Dolly.

    1. You make some great connections.

      Benjamin Franklin used the term 'dolly' for women who carried the seed of important men (presumably like himself and other Freemasons).

      Dolly has been connected to breeding and reproduction for at least 200 years.

      Does the name Dolly Parton imply Freemason heritage?

    2. Maybe. I wonder where Parton comes from.

      Dolly the Sheep was born in 96 on july 5th, but her birth announcement was on 2/22/97. From that day to the the day those Sheep got to Israel was 7221 days. 7222 with the end.


    3. Parton = Patron???

      Brilliant stuff all round ... I'd forgotten bout Dolly the sheep, class call!

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  2. on the first page of google for jacob is israel is saturn

    Jacob or Israel (identified with Cronos and Saturn of Crete by Sanchoniatho, an ancient Phoneician author, who writes of "Kronos, whom the Phoenicians call Israel.' Kronos (Saturn) had a special son Jehurd (cf. Judah and Jupiter). "Baetylos, the Stone swallowed by Kronos, the sacred stone of Zeus," corresponds to "Bethel-El, the Stone carried by Israel." See "Ancient Fragments of Sanchoniatho, etc.," by L.P. Cory. Brit. Mus. 800 g. 10) quoted by Milner: The Royal House of Britain" pp. 12-13.

    1. Thank you so much, this is a huge piece I have been missing.

    2. Bethel it translates to "Beth" mean Bakery, "El
      means God or Mother. Mother's Bakery is the womb...she has a bun in the oven.

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    4. thank you for what you do... this is how it should be... people who know shit talking to each other... but its so so hard to find people who aren't morons or shills and who have the capacity to receive truth...

  3. All sacred or secret stories have 4 levels of understanding. Four is foundational, a building block. Four directions, four gospels, four seasons (or starting points on the sun's ecliptic) and the four elements. These four levels of understanding is what makes these stories secret. The first level is the literal interpretation. This is the earthy, most obvious. All Christians are stuck in this first level of understanding, ie, Kindergarten. The second level is the moral, watery, emotional interpretation. The third level is allegorical, more mental- Air. The fourth level is Fire- mystical, introspective, by grace and can't be explained effectively with words because it is beyond concepts. Fire is in the head. Heaven, head, are always at the top. The baptism by fire that Jesus allegedly spoke about is referring to the fourth level of understanding. All this to say, no sacred text was ever meant to be taken just literally, although they work on the literal level. Soul of man- Solomon’s temple. It is allegorical. The Holy Land is your body. Lamb of god refers to the head. Aries relates to the head. Mars is the ruler of Aries. Mar backwards is Ram. As above, so below.

  4. The divisors for the no. 119, sum to 144 too. Makes sense for the 119 to come from 'Canada' (144).

  5. Fun fact: goats have horizontal, rectangular pupils.

    G.O.A.T= god of all things

  6. remember i was talking to you on your radio show about Dec 21, 2016? 49/59/13 numerology
    theres that link with 13...remember Dallas=13 JFK was killed in Dallas...
    i wonder if this means both an assassination and possibly going to war before or during christmas. should be interesting.

  7. As of today, President Obama has 39 days left in office.

    "Thirty Nine Days " in the English Ordinal system equals 191

  8. Jacob Sheep have FOUR HORNS -- which is THE MOST "Unique" thing about them -- NOT their "speckled color".

    Also known as "NAVAJO SHEEP", they are the ONLY breed to have Four Horns -- & it is ONLY the MALES that have them.

    The NAVAJO & HOPI tribes have raised Jacob sheep for centuries -- & it was THEIR Jacob sheep that helped rescue the breed from extinction in this country.

    So explain this to me -- If these sheep are supposedly so "sacred" to the Jews -- then where were THEY when this breed was being wiped out ... slaughtered en mass to help "subjugate" the Indians by destroying their main source of survival (as the buffalo had been to the Plains Indians).

    "The Jews" have NO more "historical bond" with these sheep than ANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO LIVED DURING "BIBLICAL TIMES" ... Muslim, Christian, Gnostic & anything else.

    This story is so damn FULL OF DISINFO, LIES & PROPAGANDA -- I just wanted to scream when I saw it. (But -- thanks for finding & sharing it anyway ... lol!)

    There ARE Jacob sheep in Israel ... & ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. I GUARANTEE you can spot some in old news pics -- just look for the 4 horns (on the Males Only) & speckled coats.

    This is a straight up money-making SCAM for the holidays.
    Christians will fall hard for this one -- thinking as they are at the moment about "Shepherds, Sheep & Flocks" & "Mangers, Stables & Jesus".
    That bit about having to switch airlines & now "needing" $80,000 to $100,000 is such bullshit. It's just a plea for DONATIONS.
    80- or 100,000 is a difference of TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!
    Sheep already there & others arriving within weeks means that the fares have ALREADY BEEN PAID.
    ("Sheep Shipments" have to be booked -- & paid for -- WELL IN ADVANCE.)
    So why is there such a huge discrepancy & "question" about the amount??

    ... Because IT'S A SCAM ... Designed to "FLEECE" the IDIOT GOYIM ... ha ha ...

    (1) Immediate reference to SHEEP "Making Aaliyah" (the return to Israel) ... something that -- according to the "Jews" -- ONLY PEOPLE can make. This is "coded speech" meaning: DON'T BE FOOLED -- YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS ...

    (2) Jewish people -- those FEW who would actually give a shit -- already know that there ARE -- & ALWAYS HAVE BEEN -- Jacob Sheep in Israel ...

    (3) Jewish readers will spot the Gematria-coded numbers in an instant -- the easiest "TELL" of all that this is a Goyim Scam.

    so -- (stupid as it may sound) this bullshit really offended me.

    If ANY GROUP should receive PRAISE & DONATIONS "Because of Jacob Sheep" ...

    If it weren't for the small flocks of UNRELATED, PUREBRED SHEEP that they had hidden away in the mountains -- there would be NO mention of Jacob Sheep coming out of ANY part of the Americas - North OR South!
    And that is Absolute, 100% Pure FACT!! :D ;D

  9. Brother i will help you so much this 3 days to the site coming up. i will make people to donate. its little bad that the posting is not worldwide. i will spreading this all day, over 3 different university in sweden. and that is almost 20 000 people. i will send you picture on the flyer that i have done. a small, but still. its your you tube name on, and this website, and in big text the new website. and i have wrote some text in swedish there i explain. i will send you pictures, from the flyer and when im standing in different spot and giveit to people. Lots of work for 3 days. haha

    1. The planet is a better place to live, because of you and your fine efforts to help us all. All the Best to You, Georgia

  10. brother, i thought that you will make a video on russianvids. do you think that the video was real and 1005 right. or what is your thoughts

    1. Polarization Nation who makes the accusations, has made many false accusations against me, so it is hard to say if it is true.