Wednesday, November 16, 2016

33 45 58 119 | Donald Trump bizarre commercials / tv spots from the past (YouTube video) (TV, Movies, WWE and more)


Is this the same outfit Donald Trump is wearing in his 2010 mattress commercial where there is talk about being "born for the job"?  You know, the one with the sheep imagery, and the 11 and 9 in the background, like the date he was announced the 45th President, November 9, or 11/9?

This commercial is from 2010, for Serta Mattresses

And checkout this video, bizarre Donald Trump commercials / tv spots over the years:

I like the Pizza Hut one, where he talks about how Pizza Hut must be losing money on the pizza based on how good it tastes (quality), and what the 'price' is.  In truth, the junk food that is subsidized, so we can eat it abundantly, is a major net loss for society, from the health impact, to all the tax dollars used to subsidize producing the food, that makes it cheaper for us at the store.  The joke is on us, as alway.

Here's another good one, his TV cameos:

This shot below to start us off is from the show Suddenly Susan.

Purple = 88; Trump = 88; The Republican Party = 88

This episode of Suddenly Susan aired May 8, 1997.  Notice May 8 can be written 5/8.

This was the 58th Presidential Election that Donald Trump won.

He appeared on the French Prince of Bel Air, May 16, 1994.  Bel Air = 47 (President = 47)

5/16/94 = 5+16+94 = 115 (With the 115th Congress he will become President)
*Donald Trump's campaign 

Remember, his book 'The America We Deserve' was published January 15, 2000, or 1/15.

Carlton passes out when he sees Donald Trump.  It is interesting he is currently 45-years old.

There's more...

In the clip, before fainting, he says "The Donald."

From his birthday to the election was 48-days.

The Job = 24; Nancy O'Dell = 42; Bus = 42; Freemason = 42

This episode aired March 21, 2001.

He asks his friend if he is having sex with the woman "Liz" in this scene.  When he says no, he goes in for the kiss immediately.  The Pussygrabber in action, in an actor role, go figure.

Liz = 12+9+26 = 47 (President)

3/21/2001 = 3+21+20+01 = 45 (45th President)

Remember how Trump came out to Queen 88-days after Queen Elizbeth's 90th birthday at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, July 18, 2016.  Remember, that was 187-days before Inauguration Day, and the date July 18 can be written 18/7.

Speaking of Cleveland...

The Drew Carey show is set in Cleveland, where the GOP convention took place.

Cleveland = 33; Federal = 33; Order = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Brexit = 33

This episode aired May 14, 1997, the 135th day of the year in leap years.

5/14/1997 = 5+14+19+97 = 135

The motto in that show is 'Cleveland Rocks'.  Trump is going to be the 44th man to be President of the United States; the last President to die in office, was the 44th term President.

What is interesting is this episode aired July 25, 1999, 17-years before Hillary Clinton's DNC Convention began in Philadelphia, to the day.

That date July 25 can be written 25/7.

257 is the 55th prime.  Satan = 55; 11/8/2016 = 11+8+20+16 = 55

Again, November 8, 2016, was the 58th Presidential election.

The focus of the episode is a 70 year old man.  Donald Trump is now seventy.

Seventy = 110; Rockefeller = 110; President = 110

This show has the '187' gematria.  Again, Trump July 18, or 18/7 convention, was 187-days before Inauguration Day.

Romantic Comedy = 68; Donald John Trump = 68

Trump is coming in with the 115th Congress.

He was on an episode with a nice '45' in the title.

1/21/1998 = 1+21+19+98 = 139 (Freemasonry)

"Trump-Pence", "Revelation".

The Nanny = 38/101 (Make America Great Again = 163, 163, the 38th prime)

This episode aired on a date with '115' numerology as well.

10/9/96 = 10+9+96 = 115

Trump will be the 44th man to be President.

I could not find the date of this episode.

What is interesting about this scene, is while Donald Trump cannot get a table, Whoopi Goldberg does.  I know Whoopi is wearing red and black.  Remember what I just showed from MAD TV from 2004?

It almost makes me wonder if Barack Hussein Obama will be the "First Man" in the future.

No doubt, Donald Trump was one of "The Little Rascals" selected for President from a young age, along with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The film was released August 5, 1994, a date that can be written 5/8.

Zoolander is the first film where you see him with the "First Lady".

Remember, Trump was in Rockefeller Plaza for his acceptance of the "election".

The film released on a date with '58' numerology as well.

9/28/2001 = 9+28+20+01 = 58

This film co-stars Donald Trump and Whoopi as well, coming out in '96.  Freemason = 42/96

'Home Alone' connects to 'Trump'.

11/20/1992 = 11+20+19+92 = 142 (NYC = 42) (Forty-Two = 142)

Trump was even part of WrestleMania 23.  Notice the 'pink'.

Both Trump and Vince have on 'pink' ties, and a man in 'pink' is right in the shot.  'Pink' connects to the date Trump became President, 11/9.

There's also Trump's Ice Bucket Challenge, where he essentially says he owns the women behind him.

We didn't cover was 'The Apprentice'.  Notice the release date of that show.

1/8/2004 = 1+8+20+04 = 33

Donald Trump made his first TV appearance in 1980, at age 33 years old.  He became a household name in U.S. media by 1984.  In 2017, when he takes the White House, it will be 33-years.

The name of the show is also interesting...

Again, 2016 it is 48 years since 1968, the "9-1-1 / WTC / Bush" year.

Also, see my recent post on the Trump Simpson's cartoon spoof from July 7, 2015:

Oh, and have you ever seen Donald kiss Giuliani in drag, purple drag?


  1. Here's this one too. Credit to Sonny aka "truthneversleeps" for digging it up. Warning may be scared for life

  2. The food is just one of the many ways they dumb us down. I was just reading how music with the amplitude of 432 Hz has healing qualities that relax you where as music made with 440 Hz does essentially the opposite. In a paper called "Musical Cult Control" dr. Leonard Horwitz wrote: " the music industry features this imposed frequency that is herding populations into greater aggression, psycho and social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness." Now we know why almost all music that comes from the mainstream sounds similar, 440 Hz is the unnatural standard tuning frequency. Even music has been made to declare war on the subconscious mind.

    1. All I know is that when I hear an Adele song, I wanna rip my fucking ears off. Fucking awful lol.

    2. My girlfriend always has to listen to mainstream pop/hip-hop music while in the car with me. It literally makes my head hurt and kinda makes me feel crazy, I hate all of that junk.

    3. 404 is the error message Not Found.

      Pretty interesting that Trump will be the 44th President.

      Another curious thing is that the Area Code for 404 is Atlanta GA. It's an enclave area code completely surrounded by 770.

      4s and 7s seem to go together like salt and pepper. A matched set

    4. It's interesting that 44 is the kill number too, and Prunella remember that 7 is the 4th prime number.

    5. It's sad that they have their agents in art too, especially music. But I mean it isn't hard to see, I dislike Adele immensely too, her songs are riddled with some coding. Rap is without a doubt a product of theirs, now I do enjoy some rap.. Jeff young played that fabulous B.O.B. Song called Fingerprint. But most rap is just a reflection of what they are, ultra materialistic, dehumanizing, sociopathic garbage.

    6. Atlanta also has the 706=13=4

      And the 678=21=777

    7. I listen to mostly metal, but I know that it's an acquired taste. I feel like the anger illustrated through metal music, is how I feel about the world today. It's like my therapy in a way. Don't you feel like yelling at the people around you who can't see things for what they are? More metal artists are even introducing conspiracy topics. For example, the band Testament just released an album called "Brotherhood Of The Snake". Lots of references to secret societies ruling us from behind closed doors. Some underground rap is alright, but it seems to be completed infiltrated by agents. I used to think KRS-ONE was legit, but he's a mason and even admitted it.

    8. Yes, I hear you out with metal. I like most music, metal included and I enjoy the rhythm of metal especially. And yeah I've seen that video with KRS-ONE saying how he's basically considered a 33 degree. I thought he was legit for a time as well. I think metal is one of the most alternative styles of music as far as the meaning of the songs go. Do you guys think Marilyn Manson is saying "you say God, I say say10" as in "in God we trust" printed on our currency or he's a satanist? Personally I think he's saying "satan bless America" "in satan we trust" as a way of revealing the reality of this world. I think Manson is too clever to be a satanist, clearly he has foreknowledge of what's to come though.

    9. Of course, music of all genres is most people's therapy. Just like weed, or alcohol, or cigarettes.

    10. There is a software program you can get for $29 that will convert any music you have into 432Hz! It's amazing. I converted all of my music....and it makes a huge difference. I seriously meditate to Stairway to Heaven in 432Hz now and it's like having an out of body experience. I converted all of Radiohead, NIN, Smashing all sounds amazing converted. I highly recommend trying it! Youtube has some 432Hz music too...just search for it! But the program is called It's very easy to $29 bucks I've spent in a while. :)

    11. BTW, I collect vinyl and if you like vinyl you will know that the standard speed for records is 33. Standard records are called 33's and then the small ones are 45's. So that tells you something right there. Those bastards definitely manipulated our music years ago and they new what they were doing. Prince was talking about starting a movement to change music back to 432 before he was murdered in fact!

    12. Atlanta, Georgia
      Coordinates: 33°45′18″N 84°23′24″W
      Zip Code: 30303

      "Atlanta contains the country's third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, and the city is the global headquarters of corporations such as The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, AT&T Mobility, Chick-fil-A, UPS, and Newell-Rubbermaid."

      And our friends at CNN, COX and the CDC.

      Gematria Jewish 83
      Gematria Reduction 13
      Gematria Summerian 186
      Gematria Ordinal 31
      Gematria English 103

      Cable News Network
      Gematria Jewish 2251
      Gematria Reduction 64
      Gematria Summerian 1140
      Gematria Ordinal 190
      Gematria English 1621

      Turner Broadcasting System
      Gematria Jewish 1607
      Gematria Reduction 103
      Gematria Summerian 1860
      Gematria Ordinal 310
      Gematria English 2407

      Time Warner
      Gematria Jewish 1250
      Gematria Reduction 54
      Gematria Summerian 756
      Gematria Ordinal 126
      Gematria English 990

      Gematria Jewish 353
      Gematria Reduction 15
      Gematria Summerian 252
      Gematria Ordinal 42
      Gematria English 663

      Cox Enterprises
      Gematria Jewish 917
      Gematria Reduction 73
      Gematria Summerian 1140
      Gematria Ordinal 190
      Gematria English 1387

      Gematria Jewish 10
      Gematria Reduction 10
      Gematria Summerian 60
      Gematria Ordinal 10
      Gematria English 10

      Center for Disease Control
      Gematria Jewish 916
      Gematria Reduction 110
      Gematria Summerian 1578
      Gematria Ordinal 263
      Gematria English 1226

      Center for Disease Control and Prevention
      Gematria Jewish 2050
      Gematria Reduction 177
      Gematria Summerian 2520
      Gematria Ordinal 420
      Gematria English 2220

    13. Thank you for sharing butler, I'm a musician myself so I deeply appreciate that.

  3. I have a comment somewhere on your blog(don't remember where), decoding American Psycho, the book and movie, where the serial killer Patrick Bateman is obsessed with Donald Trump. There's also predictive programming in Die Hard with Vengeance where they mention both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton by name.

    1. That was a great comment. It wasn't that long ago either.

  4. Replies
    1. No problem. Found it..

  5. That Trump/Giuliani thing disturbs me to no end.

  6. Shows you how they have programmed the masses over the years to get use to this joker. I keep thinking "bridges and walls" lately. All the wall references of course but a lot of bridges lately too. For a few examples there was the Putin Banner (you covered) hanging from the Manhattan bridge Oct 6/16. The Chris Christie "Bridge Gate" regarding the George Washington Bridge where his aid BRIDGET Kelly took the rap. The card game "Bridge" where the Trump card is the "wild card". I found on google an article where there are two design firms in Mexico where one firm "Legorreta" designed a purple bridge in defiance to Trump's wall. The other firm "Estudio 3.14" designed hot pink walls in defiance. Then I remembered the recent death of Leon Russell who's birth name is Claude Russell Bridges, lol. Coding everywhere for some reason.

  7. The Tyson vs spinks fight where Donald sponsored and tyson win 91 seconds is pretty crazy to..especially when u know the supposed beef between coke and Pepsi at the time.. That would be another time where don King and trump collaborated for business

  8. nice job! notice how music makes you feel..if feels shitty get rid of it!

  9. This is can anyone think Trump wasn't chosen long ago after reading this! What a total psyop this election was. They all are...but this one took it to a whole new level. Making America fucking crazy again...that's what they are doing...

  10. Yeah. Damn. Shoulda seen it coming... They´re probably making their own picks at private tables in Vegas as we speak on who will be POTUS in 2040. Sasha or the Little Don? Chelsea or Billy Bush? Wait! There will only be one President in 2040: Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge! UBER ALLES! George Alexander Louis = 100. Numero uno.

  11. Wow. I don't get why Hillary went to that Bilderberg meeting in 08 if she wasn't getting in anyway. It shouldn't matter but that's the one part I don't get.

    1. My personal feeling is that Hillary got punked. The elite led her on so she would appear to be most logical choice as opposed to the Donald, who clearly offended and frightened much of the population. Then they flipped the script on us to create chaos.

  12. Check out Episode 51 of Fresh Prince. It goes back in time when Carlton was a boy. He says he's gonna be the president when he grows up. Uncle Phil says, "Imagine that, my son the first black president". Then Carlton Says, "I'm Black?". Anyway it came out on Alfonso Ribeiro's bday too on 9/21/92. Ronald Reagan also died in Bel Air.