Wednesday, November 16, 2016

33 45 58 119 | Donald Trump bizarre commercials / tv spots from the past (YouTube video) (TV, Movies, WWE and more)


Is this the same outfit Donald Trump is wearing in his 2010 mattress commercial where there is talk about being "born for the job"?  You know, the one with the sheep imagery, and the 11 and 9 in the background, like the date he was announced the 45th President, November 9, or 11/9?

This commercial is from 2010, for Serta Mattresses

And checkout this video, bizarre Donald Trump commercials / tv spots over the years:

I like the Pizza Hut one, where he talks about how Pizza Hut must be losing money on the pizza based on how good it tastes (quality), and what the 'price' is.  In truth, the junk food that is subsidized, so we can eat it abundantly, is a major net loss for society, from the health impact, to all the tax dollars used to subsidize producing the food, that makes it cheaper for us at the store.  The joke is on us, as alway.

Here's another good one, his TV cameos:

This shot below to start us off is from the show Suddenly Susan.

Purple = 88; Trump = 88; The Republican Party = 88

This episode of Suddenly Susan aired May 8, 1997.  Notice May 8 can be written 5/8.

This was the 58th Presidential Election that Donald Trump won.

He appeared on the French Prince of Bel Air, May 16, 1994.  Bel Air = 47 (President = 47)

5/16/94 = 5+16+94 = 115 (With the 115th Congress he will become President)
*Donald Trump's campaign 

Remember, his book 'The America We Deserve' was published January 15, 2000, or 1/15.

Carlton passes out when he sees Donald Trump.  It is interesting he is currently 45-years old.

There's more...

In the clip, before fainting, he says "The Donald."

From his birthday to the election was 48-days.

The Job = 24; Nancy O'Dell = 42; Bus = 42; Freemason = 42

This episode aired March 21, 2001.

He asks his friend if he is having sex with the woman "Liz" in this scene.  When he says no, he goes in for the kiss immediately.  The Pussygrabber in action, in an actor role, go figure.

Liz = 12+9+26 = 47 (President)

3/21/2001 = 3+21+20+01 = 45 (45th President)

Remember how Trump came out to Queen 88-days after Queen Elizbeth's 90th birthday at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, July 18, 2016.  Remember, that was 187-days before Inauguration Day, and the date July 18 can be written 18/7.

Speaking of Cleveland...

The Drew Carey show is set in Cleveland, where the GOP convention took place.

Cleveland = 33; Federal = 33; Order = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Brexit = 33

This episode aired May 14, 1997, the 135th day of the year in leap years.

5/14/1997 = 5+14+19+97 = 135

The motto in that show is 'Cleveland Rocks'.  Trump is going to be the 44th man to be President of the United States; the last President to die in office, was the 44th term President.

What is interesting is this episode aired July 25, 1999, 17-years before Hillary Clinton's DNC Convention began in Philadelphia, to the day.

That date July 25 can be written 25/7.

257 is the 55th prime.  Satan = 55; 11/8/2016 = 11+8+20+16 = 55

Again, November 8, 2016, was the 58th Presidential election.

The focus of the episode is a 70 year old man.  Donald Trump is now seventy.

Seventy = 110; Rockefeller = 110; President = 110

This show has the '187' gematria.  Again, Trump July 18, or 18/7 convention, was 187-days before Inauguration Day.

Romantic Comedy = 68; Donald John Trump = 68

Trump is coming in with the 115th Congress.

He was on an episode with a nice '45' in the title.

1/21/1998 = 1+21+19+98 = 139 (Freemasonry)

"Trump-Pence", "Revelation".

The Nanny = 38/101 (Make America Great Again = 163, 163, the 38th prime)

This episode aired on a date with '115' numerology as well.

10/9/96 = 10+9+96 = 115

Trump will be the 44th man to be President.

I could not find the date of this episode.

What is interesting about this scene, is while Donald Trump cannot get a table, Whoopi Goldberg does.  I know Whoopi is wearing red and black.  Remember what I just showed from MAD TV from 2004?

It almost makes me wonder if Barack Hussein Obama will be the "First Man" in the future.

No doubt, Donald Trump was one of "The Little Rascals" selected for President from a young age, along with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The film was released August 5, 1994, a date that can be written 5/8.

Zoolander is the first film where you see him with the "First Lady".

Remember, Trump was in Rockefeller Plaza for his acceptance of the "election".

The film released on a date with '58' numerology as well.

9/28/2001 = 9+28+20+01 = 58

This film co-stars Donald Trump and Whoopi as well, coming out in '96.  Freemason = 42/96

'Home Alone' connects to 'Trump'.

11/20/1992 = 11+20+19+92 = 142 (NYC = 42) (Forty-Two = 142)

Trump was even part of WrestleMania 23.  Notice the 'pink'.

Both Trump and Vince have on 'pink' ties, and a man in 'pink' is right in the shot.  'Pink' connects to the date Trump became President, 11/9.

There's also Trump's Ice Bucket Challenge, where he essentially says he owns the women behind him.

We didn't cover was 'The Apprentice'.  Notice the release date of that show.

1/8/2004 = 1+8+20+04 = 33

Donald Trump made his first TV appearance in 1980, at age 33 years old.  He became a household name in U.S. media by 1984.  In 2017, when he takes the White House, it will be 33-years.

The name of the show is also interesting...

Again, 2016 it is 48 years since 1968, the "9-1-1 / WTC / Bush" year.

Also, see my recent post on the Trump Simpson's cartoon spoof from July 7, 2015:

Oh, and have you ever seen Donald kiss Giuliani in drag, purple drag?