Wednesday, November 16, 2016

33 133 | Officer charged for the July 6, 2016 killing of Philando Castile in Minnesota, November 16, 2016 news (133-days later)

Charge = 33
Police = 33
Federal = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33

It has been 133-days since the "July 6 killing" in Minnesota, coming the same day as the news of the killing of Alton Sterling in Louisiana.  (Alton Sterling was killed July 5, news July 6)

Minnesota = 38; Louisiana = 38; Death = 38

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  2. The news "Spread Like Wildfire" ... interesting reference when the South is experiencing an outbreak of "Wildfires".
    The North GA fires are STILL "only 15% under control" (after more than a week) ... & now MORE fires are springing up.

    Local news just advised people in the MO, IL, KY "heartland" region -- "Not To Panic If They See Smoke" pouring from 2 area State Parks ...
    A Controlled Burn is being conducted today (Wed 11/16) at Giant City State Park & another will be done (date open) at the Trail of Tears National Forest (both in southern IL). Currently the winds are rising -- & expected to reach 20+ mph.

    Then KFVS12 added:
    But -- Don't YOU Burn ANYTHING! Remember -- the entire region is under a BURN BAN ... & conditions are expected to Deteriorate beginning this afternoon -- due to incoming Winds of 20+ mph.

    ANOTHER "Trail Of Tears" State Park -- this one in TN -- is CURRENTLY "threatened" by the approaching Tellico Plains Fire.

    Hmm ... Burning the Trail Of Tears parks -- with Thanksgiving just a week away? Is this timing also meant to coincide with "Native American Heritage Day" -- which ALWAYS falls on Black Friday?
    These "Burns" seem to be more about ritually "slapping" the honor of Native Americans (again) -- than about "protecting & restoring forests" (as they claim).

    EVERY Rural American KNOWS: You DON'T Set Fires When The WIND IS BLOWING! ;D

    1. That is some great thinking. These fires are most def being set. People forget the fire department is just the red part of the masonic flag. The trail started in GA, of course, gunna finish with a bang right around that pipeline protest?

    2. And Stephen King's kid just put out, har har, his newest Novel called The Fireman. I think last August.

    3. Oh hell yeh!! I see where you're going with the fires working their way north towards the pipeline protest. You Nailed It!

      And can you believe it -- along the way, they're:

      I shit you not. So far, this Scorched Earth Trail is following the EXACT same path as the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

      Un-fucking-real! ;D