Thursday, July 14, 2016

38 46 58 157 | 'Day of Rage' scheduled for July 15, 2016, nationwide organized protest and locations

'Day of Rage', July 15, 2016?  The name reminds me of the new movie series, 'The Purge'.

Day of Rage also connects to United States.

Notice the cities participating.  Maybe you know something about these locations if you live near.

The one in my neck of the woods (Seattle) is at the Queen Anne Baptist Church, literally blocks from my old apartment, 211 Valley St.  Notice the address of the Church, 2011.... 211 is the 47th prime, and Seattle sits on the 47th parallel.  When I moved to 211 Valley St., it was the end of 2006, and I didn't know a thing about Gematria, or that 211 was the 47th prime, or that even Seattle was on the 47th Parallel... or that the Space Needle's restaurant does a rotation every 47 minutes.

The date of the event connects to 'death' and 'freemasonry'.  We'll see if anything transpires.

7/15/2016 = 7+15+20+16 = 58 (Freemasonry)
7/15/16 = 7+15+16 = 38 (Death)