Thursday, July 14, 2016

33 137 44 264 | Zenobia Dobson, Zaevion Dobson's mother speaks at ESPY's about gun violence, July 13, 2016

Remember my post about the death of Zaevion Dobson?  I had so many people write me and attack me for my work on his death, but it is obvious now I was right.

Here's something I didn't catch back then.

ZD = 26+4

His initials correspond with the 'English Gematria' of 'kill'.  Of course he died on a date with '44' numerology.

Tennessee = 34/52/106
Prophecy = 52/106

This ESPY's tribute came on July 13, or 13/7, a lot like '137'.  Remember the name 'Dobson' has gematria of '33'.

137 and its relationship with 33 connects to the details of this story.

Dobson = 33
Race War = 33
Handgun = 33


  1. Red front and center yet again, like the BLM pic from a day or so, and we get the bowtie/glasses Imma radical Muslim look too.

    1. Totally! First thing I noticed was the bow tie.
      As for ZD adding up to 264, well... that's just sneaky gematria!

  2. Sad that we live in a nation that is asleep. No one questions these stories since they are on ESPN. The crowd was crying and everyone on twitter was heartbroken over Dopsons (supposed) heroic actions. They stamped their signature (67=blood sacrifice) on the front porch. And people think we're crazy we explain what really happened. Great work Zach. You were on it from the jump.

    1. check us out fellas new blog site.

  3. Replies
    1. Ha, we all know where I've been wrong. I never miss too wide though.

    2. Who was he sacrificed by?

    3. Who was he sacrificed by?