Thursday, June 16, 2016

54 86 126 | The #86 on the back of the Orlando shooter's wife and the June 12, 2016 shooting

Notice the gematria of '86', shown on the back of the wife of the Orlando shooter.

Recall the shooting took place June 12, or 12/6, on a date with '54' numerology.

6/12/2016 = 6+12+20+16 = 54
June 12, or 12/6

***If you sum every letter in the alphabet with Pythagorean Gematria, it totals 126***

Let us not forget that '86' is symbolic in itself.


  1. Hines ward wears 86 and was in the batman movie when the stadium blew up.

    1. He also finished his career with 86 TDs.
      Hiroshima was 8/6.

    2. Eighty sixed
      Or 86'd

      To "86" something is to remove it.

      As long as the wife is being threatened with prison, she's not talking to the press about what she knows.

  2. Also, there were a few nightclub disasters where 86 people died and more were injured. There was also a famous terrorist hit on a German nightclub in 1986.

    1. I had forgotten about that.

    2. Yes, Mir,

      I'm pretty convinced that the 86 on the Hoodie means 86ed or killed. Another one from my earlier coding:

      Grey Hoodie -- 111/66/618 666 English Sumerian.

      Makes use of the British spelling, and Noor is originally from Palestine which was one ruled by the British, with the partition settlement originally pushed by the British.

      618 is also interesting, I think,

      618 = 6 * 103 like the causalities in the event.

    3. Mercury = 103

      Planet Mercury in Gemini on June 12th.

    4. You'll notice on the years the Pats arw bad that Bill will wear his Grey Hoodie more often than not.

  3. I lost the exact details but a character from this Orlando saga had the surname Coffin - 8 feet long 6 feet deep. The boy taken by the alligator was Lane Graves.

    Lay In Graves.

    His parents "Matt and Melissa Graves" =223.

    1. Lane Graves taken underwater in a death roll on the same day LeBron wore the Undertaker shirt.

    2. 223, nice.
      I think Graves and the shirt were a day or two apart.

    3. On 1-6-16 Florida's last Native American alligator wrestler retired. Gematria addicts should love this article...

      44 year old retires after 31 years?

      Tourist- -122, 732, 629
      Florida Tourist- --187(Police Code for Homicide)

    4. New York Times reported that one of the doctors was Dr. Matthew Lube lmao!!!

    5. 160 days from that day till Graves got got.

  4. Didn't they capture and kill 5 alligators looking for the boys body?

    Five Alligators = 66/156

    Thirty three = 66/156

    Im sure there's some significance for the 5.

  5. 5 has been for the 5th Age of Satan's reign over the World. Thelema stuff. 5 has been everywhere. SB 50, no letter this year, with a big gold 33 pd 5 and 0. Batman *V* Superman. Which is really just a way of saying Batman Satan Superman. Batman sold his soul the darkness to become the dark knight while Superman is powered by the Sun or Satan's asshole.

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  7. I think of five as the five sense reality but it does seem like there could v well be a connection to S for superman.
    5 and S look so much alike
    Like fraternal twins
    Superman day
    Batman night

    5+19= 24
    19-5= 14


    1. Ding ding ding

      And next is Joker- Jesus and his Suicidal Apostles.

      Suicidal Apostles- --185, 1110


    2. Joker Jesus--133, 798, 1730(J)

      1730(J)---Revelation Five

      How bout dem apples, Evie??

    3. Superman seems to represent the Sun God, or God of Light. So I wouldn't be surprised if the 'S' on his chest was a serpent symbol.

    4. It's all the same. I get the feeling the world and even down to our bodies are just traps, we are probably actually just some kind of "soul being", and we've got test after test before we get there. Or is that Masonic?