Thursday, June 16, 2016

54 | Confession about my book writing the last week (June 9-15, 2016)

With travel to see my sister and all the news I've been keeping up with, I haven't written a single page for my book in the last seven days (that is changing right now).  Anyhow, I just opened it up to finish the shooting hoax chapter, and I am sitting right on Page 54.

The Orlando shooting, which will go in the chapter, happened on a date with '54' numerology.

6/12/2016 = 6+12+20+16 = 54

In my Civil War chapter there were so many 54 connections I left out because I didn't know how to place them.  I feel like I'm missing something huge.  I feel like this is a clue from the universe I need to find what I'm missing.

Sun = 54
Love = 54