Thursday, June 16, 2016

58 87 106 166 | Obama's visit to Orlando, FL, June 16, 2016 & Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer (Orlando Shooting Psy-Op by the numbers)

Today is June 16, or 16/6.

The White House = 166

Today has '58' numerology like Ford's Theatre, which he reopened February 11, 2009.

6/16/2016 = 6+16+20+16 = 58 (Freemasonry) (Ford's Theatre)

The Amway Center was a fitting place for the President and VP Biden to meet.

Amway Center = 47
President = 47
Biden is 47th VP

It looks like a strategic Mayor might be in place in Orlando, 57 year old Buddy Dyer.

It is interesting to note that the June 12 shooting in Orlando came 57-days prior to his 58th birthday.

Scottish Rite = 57

Notice the Mayor was also born in '58, turning 58 later this year.  His birth numerology also synchs up with 'Pulse', the name of the club the Orlando shooting occurred at.

8/7/1958 = 8+7+19+58 = 92
8/7/1958 = 8+7+1+9+5+8 = 38
8/7/58 = 8+7+58 = 73 (Pulse) (United)

You know what else his August 7 birthday reminds of?  The Presidential candidate that is already gaining ground in the wake of this contrived incident.

Also, his birth name connects to the headline above.


  1. "No Fly List" = 42 = "Freemason"
    "Terror Watch List" = 74

    "LGBT" = 14 & 41 [Reflections]
    "LGBT Community" = 57 & 174 = New World Order

    "NRA" = 33(Simple)

    "Show Solidarity" = 71
    "Seventy One" = 45 & 144

    1. Note that the 14 & 41 Reflection is the same as 144 frontwards and backwards

    2. Fourteen -- 104 Simple English - 41 English Reduction

  2. Notice they screwed up the sentence "Why does keep happening?"

    "Why does keep happening" = 226
    "Two Two Six" = 42 "Freemason"

    "Homegrown" = 55 & 118...the election is on 11/8/16

  3. I also find it interesting thats hes the 32nd mayor and is currently 57.

    32nd prime = 131
    57 years old

    Two big numbers connecting to championships, has Orlando won a sports championship this year? Or have the potential to at the moment?

    Been Mayor for 13 years, we've seen the significance of 13 + 41 so far this year.

    1. They have a few teams in other sports, most notably the Orlando City Lions, a soccer team, who play the San Jose Earthquakes in Orlando on 6-18. When is that San Andreas Prediction?

    2. Orlando City---136, 816*(they play the Earthquakes on 6-18)

      Orlando City Lions- -205, 1230, 966(J)

      966(J)---God Rapture Disaster (Top entry on

    3. Could be I mentioned maybe something happening in Sacremento

    4. I'm feeling San Fernando. There is already some bit about the Orlando's shooter having ties to a TV show in San Fernando.

      The Big One---226(J)

      San Fernado Epicenter---206

    5. His dad filmed a political show there

      Durand Jirga Show---172

      Like Hillary Clinton---172

    6. What kind of Technology do they have? Is it HAARP that can do it?, or would they "Lube" it up with water and set off a bunch of Explosions? That plot was in Superman and James Bond, A View to a Kill.

      "Water" = 22 & 67
      "Superman" = 35 & 107
      "A View to a Kill" = 50 & 84
      "Tsnumai" = 97
      "Tidal Wave" = 97
      "Civil War" = 97
      "San Andreas" = 33 & 96 [Freemason]
      "San Andreas Fault" = 156 [911 is the 156th Prime]

  4. How does this one grab you...
    "...the instruments of death were so similar."
    430(B,EO) Walpurgisnacht/Hexennacht/Witch's Sabbath on 4/30 followed by Beltane/May Day 5/1. Walpurgis Night in the English Reduction system = 76 like 1776

    1. 42/43 days between 4/30 or 5/1 to 6/12... depending on how you count.

    2. Seems like 4/19 is a big day also. Lot's of bad things happened on 4/19 in history. It's not a good day for children and young men.

  5. Buddy Dyer -- Does anyone else thing that this might be a hoax name for a dead buddies hoax?

  6. Sure, Mr Obama, Stop the violence. What have you been doing the last eight years?

  7. Something VERY RELEVANT that isn't being mentioned ANYWHERE (unless you did -- & I missed it, lol!) ... SHAVUOT -- BEGAN ... 6 / 11 (Sat) ... ENDED ... 6/13 (Mon). It occurs ... EXACTLY -- 50 Days -- After PASSOVER ... Technically -- 49 Days -- because ... THE COUNTING OF THE "OMAR / OMER" (spelled either way) ... actually begins on the night of the 2nd Seder. This is considered one of the MOST SIGNIFICANT Jewish occasions -- commemorating when Moses received the Torah (Bible) from God -- thereby sealing their Covenant with Him (& -- to many -- "proving" that God Chose THEM to be His People). Despite the OBVIOUS CONNECTIONS between "this important celebration" -- & the "facts" being relayed about the (supposed) "shooting", I've yet to find ANY mention of this "HORRIFIC COINCIDENCE" -- anywhere -- not even in Judaic or Israeli media. It's as though they are CONNECTIONS that MUST NOT BE MADE. (But Ramadan sure made it's way into the narrative ...).

    The "Counting Of The OMAR / Omer" originated in pre-Judaic times as a Pagan custom -- it was a temple offering of the First Sheaf Of Grain from the spring harvest ... OMER means "sheaf". Later, Rabbis incorporated it with the Moses/Torah theme to "make their celebration more widespread" (sounds familiar ... it seems the Catholics didn't "invent" that scheme ...). This "customary first-sheaf offering" is specifically mentioned in "Wag The Dog" ... deployed as a 100% Faked Ruse -- in order to convince the public that their pedophile president was a "hero" to the "victims" of a 100% FAKE WAR ... Hmm ... Looks like THIS Tail's Definitely Waggin' ... ;D :D

  8. #strengthinnumbers the slogan for the Warriors tonight. What do u guys think?


  9. The LGBT community is scooping up all the guns...
    "The Pink Pistols"

  10. 1st Eatonville police officer on the scene during the shooting

    Officer OMAR Delgado

  11. SHAVUOT -- (Jewish) = 1 1 4 9 ; Reduced Jewish = 3 3

    90+8+1+700+200+50+100 = 1149 ; 9+8+1+7+2+5+1 = 33

    (Pythagorean) = **106 / 25 / 7 ... 7 = Z in Hebrew, Z = Zionism & Zohar (Kabbalah)

    Other 1149's -- Armed and crazy / In through the out door (talk about gay-bashing!) / President Elect Barack Hussein Obama

    ** 106 (Pyth) is ALSO the (long) sum for: **THE PULSE** ... [which is how numerous "Witnesses" have referred to the club ... ESPECIALLY "Gene (Sandy Hook) Rosen's Sister" -- that's what I call her, lol (!) -- the "MOM" who's been on TV constantly ... spouting an extra-long, scripted tirade about Gun Control WHILE HER "DEAD SON" WAS (supposedly) STILL UNACCOUNTED FOR!]

    (Pyth) 106 also = Prophecy

    The Pulse (Jewish) = 488 - long ; 38 - reduced

    Other (Jewish) 488's: Truth / Confusion / Inspiration [Note the Duality!]

    Also 488: PRESCOTT (as in Granddaddy Bush -- Skull & Bones Founder -- Thief who STOLE GERONIMO'S SKULL & BONES from Ft. Sill, OK ... taking them to his clubhouse-- where they remain, despite numerous lawsuits & court orders)

    And: Richard Branson (we need to remember this connection for the future ...)

    One More 488: A CIRCUS FREAK -- included here because it's significant that ALF star Michu Meszaros died on 6/13/16 ... Before the End of Shavuot & during The Pulse event ... with media specifically stating that he'd gotten his start with Ringling Bros CIRCUS -- due to his 33 inch stature -- or 2 ft 9 in = 2 9 ... Shavuot = 1149 -- that's a pillar of "2" on the left & "9" on the right, with "4" in the center ... 4 = D (Death) ... These slanderous, low-class phrases (this one & the gay-bashing one mentioned above) were in the Gematrix database ... which means SOMEONE put them in there -- & they were (purposefully -- I think) requested ENOUGH TIMES to ENSURE they'd pop up ... Cause these bastards are some SICK m.f.'s.

    BTW: The "pillars" I spoke of have a Judaic/Masonic connection to SHAVUOT as well. One of the 2 pillars in Masonry is called BOAZ. Shavuot calls for the reading of The Book of Ruth -- in which the non-Jewish widow of a Jew adopts the faith of her mother-in-law ("Whither thou goest ... Your people are my people ...") -- & she eventually MARRIES BOAZ. Oh-- & King David is descended from her!! ;D :D

    1. Great stuff. Killer Clown, Maniac, Circus Freaks, all fun gematria.

  12. You got that right! Ha -- people call US "weird" just for understanding Gematria ... When it's the freakazoids looking up crazy shit on the calculators -- & adding them to the databases -- THAT'S who they should REALLY be worried about! Then again ... sometimes it seems like "some group" is purposefully "stacking" the results -- it's hard to believe that huge numbers of people are actually looking up some of that goofy shit ... especially the ones that are spelled SO badly! Unless that's some other form of "code" we have yet to discover ... Lol. For now, my bets on a bunch of Gematria-educated delinquents ... probably a fraternity ... like the ZBT's -- Zeta Beta Tau -- after all, they are "tomorrow's global leaders" ... Lol! ;D