Thursday, June 16, 2016

444 4444 | The World Trade Centers and the construction of One World Trade Center (Reader Contribution)


  1. I'm not sure if it true or not but I read awhile back that the elite build twin towers just to knock it down in that 911 was a big ritual

    1. How did you make it to this blog? You surely don't pay attention to the content here.

    2. you no for a guy who run this site you sure are full of insults .

      You a troll to your own site in you have no idea who your talking to

      First of all I brought the story up because of this trash article I just read

      in you clearly feel some type of way mr tough guy I sit back in watch insult slot of ppl for no reason

      This is the Internet if u can't take the heat then maybe your not equipped to run a "blog"

    3. This blog seems to get it's fair share of individuals coming to troll and cause irritation secondary to content they object to or do not understand.
      Zach has been put into the position of constant distraction from individuals who would distract from the content, message and spirit of cooperation we have here decoding. His was a fair question to you given the topic has been covered by him on this blog quite liberally. A brief search would have readily yielded answers to your question. Surely you must realize this blog has been in place for a number of years, and he cannot take the time to get every newcomer up to speed on individual cases.
      There is much to read, and his YouTube channel is filled with much to watch as a companion.

  2. The Obama signed beam on the One World TC. (June 14, 2012)


    "We remember
    We rebuild
    We come back stronger!"

  3. 6/14/2014 is also 166 days from the start of the year:
    Twin Towers -- 166
    The White House -- 166
    September Eleven -- 166