Wednesday, November 16, 2016

YouTube Video | 2 decades of President Donald Trump predictive programming

I talk about Trump being the 'Order Out of Chaos' candidate.

Order Out of Chaos = 777 (Jewish Gematria)

Jesuit = 84
Serling = 84
The Twilight Zone = 84

United States of America = 84
Order Out of Chaos = 84
Divide and Conquer = 84

Update:  The video has been blocked in the U.K. and elsewhere.


  1. Just got firsthand confirmation that FTFT is banned in China along with Google & Facebook. A badge of honour! At least Extra-Capsa is available for Chinese truth-seekers.

    1. That's hilarious! No wonder my Chinese viewership fell off.

  2. Hey Zach you should look into Pizza gate dude... It's legit a force and no one's really talking about it because it could be the thing to literally end all of this..

    1. "Pizza Gate" in English Sumerian equals 666
      "Underage Children" in English Sumerian equals 888

  3. Zach, a follower of yours, TiWaZz, is doing incredible decoding with 777 - 1776 - 969 connections. I'm a member of his Google+ group and thought what he's uncovered needed to be out there for people to see. This article, with more coming. is a collaborative effort. Everybody, please chexck this article out. If you have any other connections to add to the study, please comment and I'll follow them up. Thanks!

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