Sunday, December 18, 2016

33 74 | The death of Johnny Burns, aka Mausberg, July 4, 2000 (An unsolved rap murder mystery)

Here is a blogpost on unsolved murder mysteries in rap music.

You'll notice that several of these deaths I have already decoded.  In due time, I plan to do the rest.  Last night someone asked me if I could look into the death of "Johnny Burns", aka "Johnny Mausberg".

Notice Johnny Burns died on July 4, 2000, just after midnight, in Compton.  This is yet another pairing of '74' and '33' in a sacrifice, part of a long, ongoing pattern.

Compton is also on the 33rd parallel, and the 118th meridian, aka the "death" Meridian.

It is said 'Jesus' died on the 'Cross' at age 33.  This death came just years after the death of 2Pac, who died just before his album Makaveli was released, where 2Pac was shown on the cross.

And let us not forget the most relevant '74' term to the subject.

As for his rapper name, Mausberg, it connects to the gematria of his first name, Johnny.

Johnny = 32/86
Mausberg = 32/41/86 (Symbol = 86)

In other words, it is no secret who killed this man, it is another hit by the gang.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74

Also, it is interesting that he is connected to DJ Quick, who was born on January 18, or 1/18.  We know about '118' and hip-hop deaths as well.  Death = 118 (Jewish Gematria)

DJ Quick has just turned 30-years old before the death of Johnny Burns.

DJ Quick = 30/39/75