Friday, January 6, 2017

17 44 111 227 | Knicks 116, Bucks 111, January 6, 2017 +Wildcard Giants @ Packers, January 9, 2017 clue?

Notice the 33 point fourth quarter for the Knicks.

The Giants (New York) play at the Packers (Wisconsin) this Sunday, January 8, 2017.

1/8/2017 = 1+8+20+17 = 46 (NYG = 46) (Packers = 46)

New York = 111

The date of today's basketball game is interesting as well.

1/6/2017 = 1+6+20+17 = 44 (Wisconsin)
1/6/2017 = 1+6+2+0+1+7 = 17 (Eli)


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  2. Hey zack mike mccarthy last b/day to sundays game is 59 days. 59 is the 17th prime. If giants win sun. it would be eli's 59th road win and aaron's 17th home loss. Seventeen=109,37. N.Y. giants=109,37. Do u think this is strong connection?

    1. It is a very good observation, we'll learn what it means soon enough.

    2. I love how if u add all of Carmelo's stats points, assists, rebounds it equals 42 and the other player it equals 33

  3. "bucks" in the English Reduction system equals 11
    "knicks" in the English Reduction system equals 22

    assassination in Jewish Gematria Equals: 611

  4. The Giants' defensive backs have begun to refer to themselves as the "New York Pass Defense," or NYPD.
    The Giants had the NFL's 23rd-ranked pass defense in the regular season.
    NYPD = 59/23;
    McCarthy bday to game 59 days;
    New York Pass Defense = 224/80-107-116;

  5. I think the 116 points knicks scored is a possible tribute to January 16 when the knicks play the ATLANTA hawks..the Giants would play ATLANTA falcons if lions are to advance over Seahawks ..
    On 1/18 anniversary of deflate gate the Knicks play BOSTON death=118
    On 1/25 knicks play DALLAS that would be 3 days after the NFC championship where it can very much well be Giants vs Cowboys..

    After the Bucks knicks game the Warriors and Memphis played and tied at 111 at the end of regulation..New York=111

  6. An eerily similar game just played out in Oakland between the Grizzlies and Warriors. The Grizzlies completed an "unbelievable" 4th quarter comeback, scoring 32 pts to the Warriors 13. Mike Conley tied the game at 111 with 7.4 seconds on the clock. The game went to Overtime before the Grizzlies eventually pulled off the "miracle" win.

  7. Just saw where the jew chris berman picked gb to beat giants 23-16! U gotta luv how these sick fucks code their #'s!

  8. In that knicks game 116+111=227
    227 is the 49th prime.

  9. Knicks rallied from being down by 18, 18th prime = 61. Giants/Packers 61st game.

    Flip the 116, and you get 911. Season started on 9/11.

    The Giants beat Dallas on opening day total 39 points. Packers beat Giants total 39 points, then lost to Dallas total 46 points.