Wednesday, January 4, 2017

42 59 82 142 | GOP's Obamacare jitters, January 4, 2017 headlines (Will Republicans repeal Obamacare?)

Barack Hussein Obama = 82

Recall, the "powers that be" love to stamp '59' and '42' on black men.

Obamacare = 59; Negro = 59; Slave = 59; Blues = 59

Five = 42; Nine = 42

1/4/2017 = 1+4+20+17 = 42

Forty-Two = 142; President Obama = 142

Even if the Republicans do repeal Obamacare, you can bank on them creating an even more expensive healthcare bill, that will be just for elderly people on their deathbed, like they always do.  Whenever the white trash party gets in office, things get worse.


  1. Wondering if this 'Puppy Bowl' story has any significance to the Superbowl. Its sort of an odd concept.
    "disabled dogs hit the field"'puppy-bowl':-adorable-disabled-dogs-hit-field/96089290/

  2. wow, you really support the Democrats, no wonder why so biased towards Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency?! I knew Seattle, WA is nothing more than a "scrummage"for Democrats...LOL You exposed yourself pretty much (white party, Black party, come on, give me a BREAK!) PLEASE, DO NOT HAVE TRUMP KILLED :) LOL

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    1. He is heavily biased... He wants to Fertilize Trump voters and ONLY Trump voters.. no one else. He wants to keep the Hillary voters around.

  3. Wait till they kill obama and itll be crime to change it.

  4. Derailing of train this morning in New York looks promising for the Giants !!

    1. Great decode, so let me get this straight, a derailed train, in New York, means New York beats Green Bay? I would say just the oppositte. If a train derail happened in Wisconsin, the packers would be derailed. If a train derail happens in New York state, the Giants are done, or it has nothing to do with the game.

      No logic says, that in a game where New York plays Green Bay, and a train is derailed in New York, that that backs up a New York win, GTFO. Either you have numbers or you are just throwing spaghetti at the ceiling...(throwing motion) WOP!!

    2. Zach took your story and ran with it. We'll see how it shakes up.

  5. White Money can Clean up all the Trash within your Soul. Ask Zach.

  6. Divest

    Train crash in New York and NJ
    Odell in Miami

    Sure bet on the Colts now bet the giants !

    Mind fucked beyond return