Wednesday, January 4, 2017

43 115 | Obama says don't rescue 'Trumpcare', January 4, 2017

Remember, Donald Trump is taking office with the new 115th Congress.  He is also the winner of the 58th Presidential Election, and will take office on a date with '58' numerology, January 20, 2017.

1/20/2017 = 1+20+20+17 = 58

Donald Trump's name gematria of '148' also connects to '115'.

Keep in mind Obama is #44, but only the 43rd man to be President, coming from the Land of Lincoln, the President who was born on the 43rd day of the year.

Recall, Obama was elected November 4, 2008.

11/4/2008 = 11+4+20+08 = 43

He gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park.

Again, Lincoln, born on the 43rd day, was the 'Civil War' president.


  1. 1-8-2017 46, 26, 19, 18, 81 GB vs. NY
    (1+8+20+17 = 46) (1+8+17 = 26) (1+8+2+0+1+7 = 19)
    Date written as 1-8 or 18; Date written as 8-Jan or 81
    The Packers are (32-26-2) against the Giants and have not beat the Giants in the playoffs since 1962. This will be their 61st meeting.
    ‘Green and Gold’ = 61
    61 as we know is great for Green Bay.
    A win gets them to the fateful, number 33. (33-26-2) Many claim to know 33, but it isn’t always good or bad, it always shows that another hand is at play. Here, the Giants could get their 33rd loss at Lambeau Field. Rodgers has not lost since turning 33.
    The game time is 3:40 CST. On the East Coast, knuckleheads will be seeing a 4:40 ET kickoff.
    4:40, 44
    ‘Wisconsin’ = 44
    The 44th parallel slides through Green Bay at 44 N X 88 W
    The only thing matching up for New York is their playoff record against GB. (GB 4 NY 3). A loss for the packers would put them at 4-4 in the playoffs against the giants.
    New York had no coaches or players lining up with what I call indicators, numerology, birth distances, really anything except for the 4-3 current playoff record between the two, which I gave you guys.
    46 –
    The Packers were 4-6 before Rodgers made the Run the Table claim, which in my opinion he has not completed as of yet. They lost 4 straight, they won 6 straight.
    ‘Lambeau Field’ = 46
    The Packers last stop on this ride will be in…
    ‘Houston, Texas’ = 46
    18 –
    FOX The channel that likes to ‘felatiate’ the Green Bay Packers on live TV.
    ‘Fox’ = 18
    ‘Jints’ = 18 (New York ’ second and last connection)
    ‘Fox’ = 666
    ‘Fox’ = 45
    I have attached my news story of Trump and 45, and the #45 jersey his Favorite Team gave him inside of his favorite state. Duh, Wisconsin elected him. Green Bay’s last won Super Bowl was XLV or 45.

    26 -
    Aaron Rodgers’ birth numerology (1+2+2+1+9+8+3 = 26)
    ‘Putin’ = 26
    ‘God’ = 26
    19 –
    ‘Lambeau’ = 19
    Clay Matthews’ birth numerology (5+14 = 19)
    Bart Starr, retired #15, prophetic for SB 51. His days may be drawing close. If I was in a death pool, I would have my eye on him. Bart Starr’s birth date matches up with the number 19, (1-9-1934)
    Still looking like a Green Bay Win. I know I’m the only one on here calling Green Bay vs. New England, and have been for months now. 33rd win against the Giants of East Rutherford, New Jersey.

    1. As far as playoff record being at 4-3. A packers win gets them to 5-3, 53
      'Super Bowl LI' = 53

    2. McCarthy wins his playoff record imrpoves to 9-7 in the 97th season or a loss puts him at 8-8 for Trump. Remember Trump visited Green Bay a few weeks back and was given a packers jersey. Trump from New York, I think the giants have a good chance this week.

  2. Eli with a win would be 9-3 in playoffs. Rodgers with a loss would be 7-7. A green bay loss would also make rodgers 3-3 at home in playoffs.

  3. 4th seed vs the 5th seed

    What number jersey was given to Trump?

    By which team.. the Giants offense was on vacation on a boat Sunday before the game

    Packers win 11-6 (66)
    Giants loss 11-7 trump 77

    Rodgers +Eli 112 or 4

    Try a different method it's right in your faces, don't over think this.

    Rodgers win the rematch Seattle $

    Giants lose Odell gets fried by NY media

    From the day that Trump got his packers jersey to the winning teams White House visit should be very interesting number!

    Love the haters!
    Zacks a fraud!

    1. Going the 88 day route from the date of receiving jersey would be March 12 or 13
      3-12 (123) or 3-13 (133).

      Good idea to work backwards!

  4. #88 Ty Montgomery from Stanford via Texas


    WEIGHT is 216!

    14 days from bday to Super Bowl

    Andrew lucks codes were for this dude.
    I did not have the packers in the SB
    They won the first one. Beluchik is the best since Lombardi. Farve got his gold jacket.

    I do not watch the Packers! Never liked Favre.

    Maybe it was Insane or Lion or one of these
    Truthers that was on the Packers.

    I have Patriots vs ATL
    Packers make me nervous, but if they reach the SB

    Favre 1-1
    Rodgers could be 2-0 or 1-1

    4 appearances either 13 0r14! Titles

    Favre would be livid if Rodgers won 2 Super Bowls he would go BAT Shit like the US bank climber with his jersey lol

    Title town USA

    I hope I'm wrong !!!!

    1. The beauty is GB having to go thru the gauntlet. New York, GB hasn't beat NYG in playoffs since '62. Seattle, constant issues with GB and 12th man. The Mike Holmgren thing before Pete Carroll.. Dallas, hello? Big Dallas and GB rivalry in the Favre, Aikman years. Romo playing a gimme game, etc. Yes, everyone tries to hard.

      I figure my winner on knowing the game and history at hand. Then the gematria falls in place. That's where one can be the artist of the proposed agenda.

      Yes #88 Ty Montgomery is a huge signal. At halfback, too? Yep can't change # midseason, apparently.

      33's are in the next two game dates, GB will get those, too. But I can't call a SB winner with GB or NE yet, unless Bart Starr passes. I've been feeling Brady since he's a BIG 10 boy. The bitch has mad swagger. 'If you ain't cheating, you're not trying to win.' - John Madden

    2. Agreed.
      The only team that can upset NE in the AFC is
      Chiefs. Andy Reid's connections to GB.
      Derrick Thomas former bama star.

      GB vs chiefs 50 years later could be in play.

      I think it's Brady over Rodgers

      No hurt feelings..

      Brady walks away the goat and like Montana will finish on another team. I think Brady ends career in a 49ers uniform.

      Rodgers loses the year Favre was inducted.
      Triple negative, did not upstage farve in HOF game, lost the night Favre was in the RING of Honor and loses the Super Bowl.

    3. I saw Favre being interviewed by Joe Buck
      Last year in Santa Clara wearing all black.
      He looked like Johnny cash or his former Falcons coach Jerry Glanville. Glanville was the Houston oilers coach. SB50 and it's been 50 years or51 since 1966.

    4. @insane

      Great story check it out .

    5. Was favre dressed in all black signaling Houston for the Pack?
      The black qb lost in the SB

    6. No hurt feelings. Ive just been saying the SB matchup, the two teams with the most story. Like I said I'm tilting toward Brady, unless a big story like Bart Starr passing or in the hospital. He's retired #15. Flip it for 51. That's my win indicator.

      Love the Favre shit and gonna check out that link to Atlanta crying about losing the team drunk to Green Bay. He missed the fucking team picture back in 92 or something after a good bender.

    7. Beyond great story!

      'The play was supposed to be 322 “Y” Stick, a pass designed to go to tight end Mark Chmura on a short, sideline pattern, but instead Favre opted for “74 Razor,” which enabled him to connect with receiver Andre Rison on a deep post pattern.'

      I love this shit! Only two numbers in the entire article outside of the years talked about.

      322 and 74. Amazing sequence. The article from this season. Favre was #33 in his draft class!

    8. Insane we will cash out $

      Fuck the Colts !

  5. I can't comment on this video on YouTube. The comment section just spins "loading" but never loads.
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