Saturday, January 7, 2017

46 86 | David Boyd, brother-in-law of "tortured special needs man" in Chicago Facebook Live incident, speaks out

They have not put out the name of the "tortured victim", but they have put out of the name of a family member, the brother-in-law, David Boyd.  The name 'Boyd' connects to 'Chicago', 'Chaos', and 'Hate Crime'.

The name 'David Boyd' connects to 'Symbol' and more, just like the original CNN headlines.  See here:

Remember, he is the Brother-In-Law.

The powers that shouldn't be use symbols to rule the masses, and here is once again, heavy coding of a very symbolic number.  There's a reason Hiroshima was bombed on August 6, 1945, so we're told.  Notice the 8/6 in the date.

Notice how they emphasize the race.


  1. Every BOYD I've ever known was a Mason -- & most have been cops as well.

    This fraudulent "brother-in-law" physically resembles some of the Characters from the "Bundy Standoff" -- & I think that's deliberate.

    They want to (subliminally) tweak the "Grassroots Crowd" -- & "prompt" them into spouting off about the "Injustice" of a "Gov system that favors minority rights & abuses whites".

    And from what I've seen -- lots of idiots are swallowing this BULLSHIT MANIPULATION -- hook, line & sinker.

    I think I've managed to get through to a few though -- aided by information you provided in previous posts.

    The timing of this BOGUS "incident" -- & how it came about immediately after Zuckerberg's vow to curb "hatred" on FB -- REALLY got their attention. Most had never heard about that.

    It may seem like a small step -- but the ones I convinced are people that WILL go out & share this "revelation" with others ... so hopefully the Ripple Effect will take hold & it'll help suppess some of this "rising" insanity. I hope so anyway.

  2. More Race War foolery.

    "Race War Propaganda" in the English Reduction system equals 81
    (or 18 or 1/8)
    January 8th, 2017 (1+8+20+17=46)
    "Divide And Conquer Propaganda" in English Reduction equals 132
    The divisors of the number "86" sum to "132" (1+2+43+86=132)