Saturday, January 7, 2017

36 | All four Chicago "Facebook Live torturers", have name gematria connecting to 'torture' or 'racism'

Torture = 36/117; Racism = 27/36/63

Let us decode the names.  All 4 names have a connection to 'torture' or 'racism'.

We'll begin with the man, Jordan Hill.

Jordan Hill = 49/103; Jordan = 26/62; Hill = 23/41

Notice his name sums to '103'.  '103' is the 27th prime number.  Racism = 27

Now let us decode the three women.  All three of their names have '36' coded in & more.

Torture = 36; Racism = 27/36

Tesfaye Cooper = 63/72/153; Tesfaye = 27/36/81; Cooper = 36/72
Brittany Covington = 84/228; Brittany = 37/109; Covington = 47/119
Tanishia Covington = 83/92/200 = Tanishia = 36/45/81; Covington = 47/119

There is other relevant gematria in the names as well.  Brittany Covington is an exact match with United States of America.  United States of America = 84/228

Also, the sisters have the last name Covington, with '119' gematria.

All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119

The name Tesfaye also has gematria of 81 like Chicago (Chicago = 81, Jewish Gematria).  Further, the name Tesfaye sums to '153', like the miraculous catch in the Bible, a number often paired with '42'.  This story came on a date with '42' numerology, January 4, 2017.

1/4/2017 = 1+4+20+17 = 42

But just ask yourself, what are the odds of each of their names connecting to 'torture', when that is the main emphasis of the story?  In this case, it was four for four.

Cook County, located in the Zionist Mecca of Chicago, is a hotbed for divisive propaganda.  Notice it has the 'CC" initials, like '33', the 'trademark', or 'TM', of the gang.  TM = 20+13 = 33

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Torture broadcast live:
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  1. Hey zack what's that 80's disney film called where a boy figures out how to put a magnet in a basketball?

  2. I laughed my ASS off when I decoded these Names. This is all code for the coming FALSE FLAG and America falling on hard times/ division etc etc......

  3. When was American in good times?
    The country was founded on Rape,Pillage,
    Bondage, criminal settlement. Inequality
    And Darwinism. Capitalism is a result of over taxing and un fair wages and separation of classes.

    1. Class wars, race wars, gender wars, civil wars, religion wars, settlement wars, colonial wars, mexican wars, world wars, cold wars, drug wars, terrorism wars, star wars, word wars, mind wars, hoax wars.

      What's next?

    2. And fake-news wars.

      "This and that are fake news"
      "No, that and that are fake news"
      "We need to do something to tackle all these fake news!"

      You get it.