Saturday, January 7, 2017

113 | 'His mind was not right', Fort Lauderdale shooter headlines, January 7, 2017

His mind was not right = 95/113/230 (Mainstream = 113) (Dishonest = 113)

Hoax = 48; Propaganda = 48; Hollywood = 48; Illuminati = 48; Evil = 48


  1. Supposedly the guy claimed he was under MK ultra mind control

    1. If that is what is going on, it only makes the government look worse.

    2. Absolutely, you can find videos of it clearly being used to scramble celebrities minds while in mid conversation, Brice Willis and Mark suckerberg are two I recall. Using it to influence people to kill like in the movie The Naked Gun seems like a stretch, but you never know in this crazy world. One things for sure, there are many documents reciting experiences of people who were subjected to things like mk ultra.

  2. Santiago-Ruiz=61
    Fort Lauderdale=61
    Happened on 1/6 or 6/1.

    Also something of interest is the date Santiago, Chile was founded. February 12th. Which is 1 month 6 days from January 6th.

  3. Mk story is not uncommon, woman who drove from Connecticut to DC also claimed the same thing, also the Naval shipyard shooter did to. There is a debate about the possibility of the Manchurian candidate project actually existing.

  4. Cmon man moment number two, Gunman in Ft lauderdale gets gun on and off plan in a checked bag. I cant even get a bottle of lotion passed TSA Cmon man. No more of these faked and fabricated news stories.

  5. I think this shooting is just another way to make TSA policies stricter at airports, checked bags may be the target.

  6. From Peekay's YouTube channel.

    Senate Bill 140
    "Openly Carrying a Handgun; Authorizing a compliant licensee to openly carry a handgun, etc.".
    Meeting was scheduled for January 10 but has been cancelled.

  7. Retina scan and or palm prints new travel requirements. Just another reason for US to
    Get the mark of the BEAST!


  8. Eagle Scout
    Bald eagle
    Spread eagle

    Alaska to Miami
    I'm a kila

  9. Dang, Zach! Your 1st vid about Ft Lauderdale has 1,000 comments & 31,000 views! Over 650 Likes & "only" 155 dislikes! :D