Saturday, March 11, 2017

33 38 45 57 223 | The March 22, 1457 publishing date of the Gutenberg Bible +Number of the Beast 666

Again, it is believed the first published Gutenberg Bible was March 22, 1457, a date that can be written as 22/3.

Read more about '223' and the Bible here:

'Good Book' also connects to '33', the number of Freemason obsessions.

Read about '33' and the Bible here:

Of course when you write out 'thirty-three', it sums to '66', like 'Gutenberg Bible'.  That is how many Books the Gutenberg Bible is.

The New Testament concludes with the 66th Book.



As for the reported year of '57, that is significant as well.

And let us never forget the original published Bibles were also called 42-Line Bibles.  Let us also recall that the New Testament begins with '42' Generations to Jesus.

'Forty Two' connects to 'Jesus', 'Gospel' and more.