Thursday, March 16, 2017

33 45 78 | Kevin Love returns 33-days later (February 11 to March 16, 2017) +LeBron James scores 33 for 45th Cavs win

85-seconds (Basketball = 85)
Hundred Twenty Five = 223

Notice LeBron scored 33-points tonight.  That's Kevin's Valentine.  Of course the Love injury was announced on Valentine's Day, the 45th day of the year.  Wedding = 45

The Cavs earned their 45th win of the season, and again, it was the return of Love, who has been announced injured since Valentine's Day, the 45th day of the year, February 14.  He was also out for 4-weeks and 5-days.

'45' also has that 'Holy Bible' connection, like 'Cavaliers'.

'Love' also fits in.

Today marks a span of 78-days until the start of the NBA Finals, June 1, 2017.

Last year the Cavs became the first team to win Game 7 on the road since '78.  That Game 7 was also played on the 122nd Meridian, in Seattle, against the team from Washington D.C.