Friday, March 24, 2017

March 24, 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Discussion Thread

Number to look for:

79th Men's Tournament
Tournament announced on 71st day of year, March 12
Championship is on the 93rd day of the year, April 3, or 4/3, or 3/4

We saw South Carolina get the big '93' tribute two rounds ago, winning with 93, for the coach's 93rd win.  That might be indicative that they're Final Four bound.  We'll see.

Also standing out, UCLA could become 32-4, on 3/24.

Also, today's date numerology should come into play.

3/24/2017 = 3+24+20+17 = 64
3/24/2017 = 3+24+(2+0+1+7) = 37
3/24/2017 = 3+2+4+2+0+1+7 = 19
3/24/17 = 3+24+17 = 44
3/24/ = 3+24 = 27

The following round will be as follows

South Carolina or Baylor vs Wisconsin or Florida
UCLA or Kentucky vs Butler or North Carolina

Earlier I wrote why UCLA vs North Carolina made a lot of sense in this tournament, so I expect that to happen.

I haven't done any homework on Wisconsin (44) or Florida, but Wisconsin might have the date going for them.  Then again, if South Carolina is to win as a 7, it might make sense for them to face #4 Florida.  Again, I haven't done any homework, just speculating on what  could be riddled.

Decode team names, break up the location / school and nickanme.  Also, check coaches and star players, plus tournament records: