Tuesday, October 30, 2018

27 41 55 57 58 62 89 144 162 | Death of Whitey Bulger of Winter Hill Gang, October 30, 2018, after Boston Red Sox win the World Series +Tom Brady

Whitey Ford, the relative of the President of the Massachusetts Senate and the gangster, is dead right after Boston has won the World Series.

Whitey Bulger is dead 57-days after his birthday.

He is from Boston, who just won the World Series...

9/3/29 = 9+3+29 = 41 (Game Five = 41) (Red Sox won 4-1) *They closed it out with #41

Whitey also connects to MLB and baseball.

I should also note that Whitey Bulger died on his 58th day of his age, on a date with 58 numerology, October 30, 2018.

10/30/18 = 10+30+18 = 58

He was a member of the Winter Hill Gang.

Another important point is that today leaves 62-days left in the year.

The film about him Black Mass came out on a date with 62 numerology.

9/18/2015 = 9+18+20+15 = 62

From the release of the film to his death was 162-weeks and days.

From Johnny Depp's birthday, who played Whitey Bulger, to his death, is a span of 144-days.
Time = 144 (Jewish); Killer = 144 (Jewish)

Notice Johnny is 55-years-old.  Boston, Massachusetts = 55 (Reduction)

He was 89-years-old.  The Red Sox just beat the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Speaking of 89, today is Tom Brady's 89th day of being 41-years-old.

If you missed my work on the rigged World Series and upcoming Super Bowl, watch here:

For the record, Whitey Ford, born September 3, or 9/3, was part of the MK Ultra program.


Propaganda = 93 (MK patsies used in government propaganda to cover up for agenda)


More on his name gematria is as follows:

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