Sunday, October 28, 2018

41 150 213 223 | World Series Game 5 analysis, October 28, 2018 +Chris Sale ritual

27 hours, 27 innings, and a game on the 27th.

MLB = 13+12+2 = 27
Baseball = 2+1+10+5+2+1+3+3 = 27
Ritual = 9+9+2+3+1+3 = 27 

Notice Game 5 starts at 5:15, where the other games have started at 5:09.

1+2+3+4+5 = 15 (15 is the 5th triangular number)

We've been talking about the possibility of the Red Sox being in the World Series and closing it out in Game 5 since July, in light of how it would line up with a Patriots Super Bowl, to close out the 99th NFL Season, and for 41-year-old Tom Brady.

Game 5 is a span of 99-days from the Super Bowl to close out the 99th NFL Season.

New England = 99; Thirteen = 99; 41, the 13th prime number; LA = 41 / 13

Chris Sale was supposed to start this game according to the commentators last night.  Expect him to make a big appearance, or possibility close it out.  He is #41.

Today is his 213th day of his age, and LA is the (213) area code.

As for the starters, they are David Price for the Red Sox, and Clayton Kershaw, who got his last win in the postseason 213-days from his birthday, as we documented earlier.

This game is 63-days (span of 64) after David Price's birthday.
Major League = 63; Today leaves 64-days left in the year
8x8 = 64; Dodgers last won the World Series in '88 

This game is 223-days (span of 224) after Kershaw's 30th birthday.
Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223
The divisors of 224 sum to 84; Massachusetts = 84

As for the Managers, the former Red Sox and Dodger players both...

This game is 10-days (span of 11) from Cora's birthday, who advanced to the World Series on his birthday, October 18.  Birthday = 57; World Series = 57

This game is 150-days (span of 151) after Dave Roberts birthday.

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