Sunday, October 28, 2018

47 52 77 85 88 185 218 | The death of John George Trump, the uncle of #45, Donald John Trump, February 21, 1985

Donald John Trump, #45, was 38-years-old when his uncle died.
Death = 38; Murder = 38; Killing = 38; RIP = 38

He died a span of 8-months and 8-days from Trump's 38th birthday.

Read about the death of Trump's mother who passed at age 88, as well as the passing of his brother Fred, and father here:

Notice the death of his uncle was in '85.  That connects to Donald's name, as well as the brother he lost in '99.

Trump's uncle investigated Tesla, who some claim had unlocked "time travel" technology.  It reminds that Biff's character in Back to the Future, is related to Trump.

From John George Trump's 77th birthday, to his death, was a span of 185-days.

Mathematics = 185

Don't overlook that he died on February 21, or 2/21, like 221.

2/21/1985 = 2+21+19+85 = 127 (Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127)

And don't overlook that he was born on August 21, or 21/8, like 218.  In the same breath, don't forget Trump's recent presidential alert at 2:18 PM ET.

The date he died, February 21, was the 52nd day of the year, reminding of how Trump became President Elect 52-years after attending the Jesuit school, Fordham.

Government = 52; Authority = 52; Kabbalah = 52; The Cabal = 52; Gematria = 52
*Tree of Life = 52; Etz haChayim = 52

The name John G. Trump also has multiple connections to the number 47, the even bigger number to the presidency than 47.

Again, John G. Trump.  And the G under the 47-degrees of the Masonic compass.

Again, John G. Trump was 77-years-old when he died.  G, the 7th letter.

77 is the Meridian Washington D.C. is on.

This bit about him investigating Tesla after his death is fascinating too.

He died 42-years after conducting those investigations.

Tesla died 141-days after his own birthday (181, the 42nd prime)
*He also died a span of 185-days before his upcoming 87th birthday (Dead at 86)

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