Friday, October 26, 2018

58 68 86 102 119 187 | Mail bomb suspect lives in Aventura, Florida and arrested in plantation +Kamala Harris receives a bomb package +Fiend left fingerprints by Fox News


68 has been the number.  86 is the reflection of 68.

She was a key player in the "86" Kavanaugh ritual.

The suspect has an Aventura, Florida.  That would be another 68.

 Avenutra also connects to FBI.


The police arrested him in Plantation, Florida.


911 in reverse is 119
Orthodox = 119; Star of David = 119; All Seeing Eye = 119

And what does the word plantation makes you think of?

Who really controlled the slave trade? 

Donald J. Trump = 148
Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

Going with the Plantation thing, notice how they want to give him 58-years in prison.

And don't overlook that this comes from Jeff Sessions on a date with 47 numerology.

10/26/2018 = 10+26+(2+0+1+8) = 47

The 47 degrees are in tribute to the 47th Problem of Euclid, about how to establish foundation.

The circle at the top of the 47 degree angle is known as the Polestar to the Freemasons.

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