Sunday, October 28, 2018

5 9 41 42 51 89 213 | Red Sox win the World Series, 4-1, in Game 5, October 28, 2018 +#41, Chris Sale, closes it out as imagined

Read what we wrote earlier about the Red Sox closing it out 4-1, and Chris Sale potentially being the last man on the mound:

Dodgers lost the World Series last year with a final score of 5-1 against the Houston Astros.
Houston Astros = 51; Conspiracy = 51

Remember James Harden going back to back against LA with 51-points twice in a row?

This must factor in. 

David Price with 89-pitches.  Los Angeles Dodgers = 89

Nine = 42; A black man started the last game in the pursuit of their 9th World Series...  that would be David Price.

Alex Cora also became the 5th rookie manager to win the World Series.  Five = 52

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