Thursday, March 17, 2016

137 | Anonymous (Controlled Opposition) calls for collective action against Donald Trump on April 1, April Fools Day

Anonymous = 1+14+15+14+25+13+15+21+19 = 137
Washington D.C. = 23+1+19+8+9+14+7+20+15+14+4+3 = 137 (American Meridian)

It isn't hard to see...

You have to love that they're calling for action on April 1, or April Fools Day.

4/1/2016 = 4+1+20+16 = 41

Notice how this comes at the same time the Republican Party is trying to 'hack Trump'.  It is all a show, from all angles.


  1. Rhe Biggest group of internet trolls. And they are Legion. What a joke.

    1. Legion---131 Jewish

      Legion of None----131 Simple

  2. What a load of CRAP! Lol -- I never could figure how ANYONE couldn't see that "Anonymous" is CLEARLY an ongoing Government-Generated "CHARACTER" -- kind of a "CYBER-ISIS" -- with a FACADE of White Hat "GILDED" onto the outside ... Just to help "bait" the most gullible! Haha ;D