Friday, March 18, 2016

18 57 | Peyton Manning press conference with Indianapolis Colts, March 18, 2016 (Peyton Manning statute to be built at Lucas Oil Stadium)

March 18, 2016, 40-days after the Super Bowl played on February 7, 2016, the Colts are retiring #18.  Notice they waited until the 18th of the month of March to make this announcement for #18 who retired after playing 18 seasons and winning the Super Bowl on a date with '18' numerology.  With regards to the 40-days, in less than a week, Peyton himself will turn 40-years old.

Also notice the numerology of today's date, March 18, 2016.

3/18/2016 = 3+18+20+16 = 57

Irsay in his remarks announced that they would be building a statue outside of Lucas Oil Stadium in the near future to commemorate Peyton Manning.  He said it would be "like Jim Morrison's Grave, where people can leave cans of Budweiser."  Then he said, "don't worry Peyton, it won't be a grave."  He also said they would be retiring the number 18, because the Colts think of Peyton Manning as "theirs".  It should be noted that Peyton Manning defeated Cam Newton in the Super Bowl, who also has a statue built of him.

***I also have to note that Jim Irsay is a horrible public speaker who uses lots of "ummm  ummmm ummmm" breaks.

Peyton then took the stand and then recited a lot of memories from his rookie season.  You should have told us how rigged it all was Peyton!