Wednesday, March 2, 2016

33 44 71 | New Roots TV Show, May 30, 2016

Did you know a new Roots mini series is being made?  It is scheduled to released May 30, 2016.

5/30/2016 = 5+30+20+16 = 71
5/30/2016 = 5+30+(2+0+1+6) = 44
5/30/2016 = 5+3+0+2+0+1+6 = 17
5/30/16 = 5+30+16 = 51

Roots = 18+15+15+20+19 = 87
Roots = 9+6+6+2+1 = 24/33

What I find odd is the numerology of the release date, with the show scheduled to debut in the time of the '44th President', the first "black President".

Keep in mind that exactly one week before the show debuts, will be the day May 23, which is the 144th day this year, because it is a leap year.  The gematria of 'forty four' and 'seventy one' both sum to 144.  Perhaps it is coincidence, or perhaps not.

Further, notice it has been 39-years since Roots previously debuted on TV, in 1977.  We know who operates by the '39' code.

There's a young black man I keep in contact with out of the D.C. area.  It was he who tipped me off to this upcoming remake of Roots.  He would appreciate if I emphasized his message, that the Jews and Masons have completely made up the story of the Atlantic Slave Trade from Africa, and the way we have learned about slavery in this nation, is complete bullshit.  He explains, retelling lessons from his father and grandfather, that in the days of slavery, there were both white and black slave owners, and it was about wealth and class, not race, meaning that slaves were of all races, and it was the poor who were the slaves, and it was the rich who were the slave masters, and the rich slave owners were of all races.

His message is the same as mine.  We need to stop fighting over history, recognize the problems of the day, come together, and stop being divided over what we have been told.  As he explains, the slave story as we're told, is meant to keep people in age old thinking, divisive thinking, that is negative for humanity.  I completely agree.


  1. Zach, you might be interested in watching a film on YT 'Dr Tony Martin & David Irving - The Jewish Role In The African Slave Trade.'

  2. In English soccer Tottenham Hotspur (aka "Spurs") lose (to West Ham United) on their manager's - Mauricio Pochettino - 44th birthday.

  3. Alex Haley has 39/93 name gematria "Roots" and the day of his death 2/11/1992 both have 24 gematria.

  4. Oh boy, the slave stereotype again.

  5. Alex Haley was a complete fraud. He claimed the story of "Roots" was based on research into his family history. In fact; "Roots" was plagiarized from the 1967 novel, "The African". The original novel was a fictional story created by a white man; Harold Courlander. Alex Haley was sued for plagiarism, and settled out of court for $650,000.

    This fraud has been used to perpetuate the fallacy that every Black American was once a slave to White Americans. There couldn't be anything further from the truth; Especially considering my own family arrived in America in 1803 as free sovereign people, that were never held in captivity.

    This typical propaganda is used to create a sense of low self-esteem in Black Americans, while giving White Americans a false sense of guilt. The fact of the matter is; Jews, Natives and Blacks held more slaves than White folks ever did.

    If you want to learn more about this look into the funding by Jews in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. They not only funded the transport ships, but also had a monopoly on running the auctions.

    You also should look into Anthony Johnson; The first official slave holder in the New World. He won a legal suit, against a White man (Anthony Johnson was Black), to get back a freed indentured servant, to remain in his possession indefinitely. This case, created a legal foundation, for the right to hold slaves for the entirety of their natural life in America.

    Some of the other notable Black traitors were Justus Angel, Mistress L. Horry, Antoine Dubuclet, C. Richards and her son P.C. Richards. These were no ordinary slave holders either. They had a unique distinction of being slave magnates; due to the unusually large amount of slaves in their possession, and the large amount of wealth created by this practice.

    One of the wealthiest and most notorious slave magnates was William "April" Ellison. He was so successful that he was able to turn it into a family business. He held a vicious and brutal reputation, for his violent and poor treatment of slaves, and also as one of the few slave magnates that participated in the breeding of new slaves; A practice which was frowned upon by almost all slave holders.

    In conclusion; It's my own assertion, that many of the modern-day Black Elites, aka Black traitors (i.e. Hollywood, Pro-Sports, Boulé) are related, directly or indirectly, to the bloodlines of these powerful families which date back to chattel slavery.

    As my wise Grandmother always used to hammer home to me; Every Brother isn't your Brother.

  6. Hmmm I wonder if William Ellison and Ralph Ellison are related in anyway?