Wednesday, March 2, 2016

33 44 71 | New Roots TV Show, May 30, 2016

Did you know a new Roots mini series is being made?  It is scheduled to released May 30, 2016.

5/30/2016 = 5+30+20+16 = 71
5/30/2016 = 5+30+(2+0+1+6) = 44
5/30/2016 = 5+3+0+2+0+1+6 = 17
5/30/16 = 5+30+16 = 51

Roots = 18+15+15+20+19 = 87
Roots = 9+6+6+2+1 = 24/33

What I find odd is the numerology of the release date, with the show scheduled to debut in the time of the '44th President', the first "black President".

Keep in mind that exactly one week before the show debuts, will be the day May 23, which is the 144th day this year, because it is a leap year.  The gematria of 'forty four' and 'seventy one' both sum to 144.  Perhaps it is coincidence, or perhaps not.

Further, notice it has been 39-years since Roots previously debuted on TV, in 1977.  We know who operates by the '39' code.

There's a young black man I keep in contact with out of the D.C. area.  It was he who tipped me off to this upcoming remake of Roots.  He would appreciate if I emphasized his message, that the Jews and Masons have completely made up the story of the Atlantic Slave Trade from Africa, and the way we have learned about slavery in this nation, is complete bullshit.  He explains, retelling lessons from his father and grandfather, that in the days of slavery, there were both white and black slave owners, and it was about wealth and class, not race, meaning that slaves were of all races, and it was the poor who were the slaves, and it was the rich who were the slave masters, and the rich slave owners were of all races.

His message is the same as mine.  We need to stop fighting over history, recognize the problems of the day, come together, and stop being divided over what we have been told.  As he explains, the slave story as we're told, is meant to keep people in age old thinking, divisive thinking, that is negative for humanity.  I completely agree.