Friday, March 4, 2016

33 57 106 119 122 | February 21, the day the Warriors signed Anderson Varejao (Career long Cleveland Cavalier)

Notice this news occurred on February 21, or 2/21.

The reflection of 221, is 122, a number important to 'Golden State'.

Golden = 7+15+12+4+5+14 = 57
State = 19+20+1+20+5 = 65
Golden State = 122

Before moving to Oakland, the team was known as the 'San Francisco' Warriors.

San = 19+1+14 = 34
Francisco = 6+18+1+14+3+9+19+3+15 = 88
San Francisco = 122

San Francisco is on the 122nd Meridian West.

Notice that Varejao is 33-years old, and before signing with the Warriors, had played his whole career  with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team Varejao will likely face in the upcoming NBA Finals, where I expect it to be a rematch of the Cavs and Warriors.

The number '33' connects to both 'Cleveland' and 'Golden St.' as the Warriors name is commonly abbreviated.

Cleveland = 3+3+5+4+5+3+1+5+4 = 33 (Only 33 city in NBA)
Golden St. = 7+6+3+4+5+5+1+2 = 33/42

Notice that Anderson Varejao has a September 28 birthday.  This is the day the Pope left the United States of America, UST.  The Pope's visit has been a major theme on this NBA Season, as well as other pro sports leagues.

9/28/1982 = 9+28+19+82 = 138
9/28/1982 = 9+28+(1+9+8+2) = 57 (Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl)
9/28/1982 = 9+2+8+1+9+8+2 = 39
9/28/82 = 9+28+82 = 119

Anderson = 1+5+4+5+9+1+6+5 = 36/45
Franca = 6+9+1+5+3+1 = 25
Varejao = 4+1+9+5+1+1+6 = 27
Anderson Franca Varejao = 88/97

Anderson = 1+14+4+5+18+19+15+14 = 90
Franca = 6+18+1+14+3+1 = 43
Varejao = 22+1+18+5+10+1+15 = 72
Anderson Franca Varejao = 205

They call Anderson Varejao, "Wild Thing", a name that is interesting in gematria for the following reasons.

106, is the number of "prophecy".
52, is related to '239', because 239 is the 52nd prime number.  Golden Gate = 239; the country is currently 239-years old, and that has been an important number to this NBA season, taking place during the time of the country being 239-years old.

From February 21, to the start of the NBA Playoffs, April 16, 2016, is a difference in 55-days, and to the start of the NBA Finals, June 2, 2016, is a difference in 102-days, or 14-weeks and 4-days.


  1. Bro I don't comment on people's YouTube but I saw this just now. It upset me. Shameless people. Put a dagger in him.

    1. There are a lot of people I need to put a dagger in. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I can't wait till the playoffs start because like I said before I don't think the nba is scripted like the nfl I no lebron is going but with warriors will see

    Because lebron not losing this year in I don't think the nba wants him beating the Warriors which is y the Spurs in clippers have a chance

    Plus curry has ankle problems so they can always fake an injury

    In the east there's only 3 team the Nba will let go to the finals lebrons team Knicks in Bulls because those are the only teams that draw ratings besides lebron in the east

    Bulls are hurt in there's something real funny going on with the Knicks I just can't figure out what

    1. Its two peas in the same pod. Lebron is an illuminati puppet. He draws huge ratings each year.

    2. My point exactly in the east lebron is the ratings in so are the Knicks in Bulls but the Bulls are always hurt in u see the nba hates the Knicks it looks like

      In the west u have gsw Spurs Okc in lac I don't think it's a lock that warriors will be on the finals

      The nba is not like the nfl there's no pre determined winner nb Riggs it's games by star power in ratings

    3. Nah your'e mislead the refs already know the score before each game.

    4. Sorry Kid Benzo, I've been showing for multiple seasons how rigged it is. Can you support the remarks you're making? I've been supporting for two years with ongoing evidence of how the games are scripted. Do you chalk up last night's Warriors and Thunder ending to "coincidence"? You remind me, I need to get that "coincidence theorist" brand going.

    5. ok a few things number 1 you do realize this year the nba all star celebrated the first game between the knicks in toronto so if it was scripted wouldnt the first round of the playoffs be knicks vs raptors?

      why wouldthe nba script lebron to the finals every single year ?
      if the nba is script why isnt kobe at least in the playoffs?

      jerome bettis ray lewis in maybe peyton on retired on top ?

      think about the knicks about to miss the playoffs again in havent won a title since 1973 ? they are the flagship they play in the best arena msg they are the most valuable team in the nba is located in nyc in i could on all day .im preetty sure if the nba was scripted the knicks would have more then 2 rings

      matter fact if the nba was scripted wouldnt lebron or a top star be on the knicks

      you dont need numbers to predict the nba a 5 year old could tell you lebron vs warriors or spurs

      i love this website in you always speak the truth in the nba is rigged but scripted is a totally different thing nfl is scripted but nba im not sure

    6. Carmello Anthony isn't a star? The Knicks haven't had stars? I don't really follow the logic of any of your questions. Those seem to be narratives that make sense to you, but perhaps not to anyone else. I think Kobe is getting punked for the same reason Philadelphia is getting punked, I talked about that earlier this year. Those teams have a relationship in history, and Kobe is from Philadelphia. Like I predicted earlier this year, Philly would get their first win against Kobe and the Lakers, which they did, all signs of the script. Go back and watch my many videos on the NBA. It is very obvious how it is scripted, from purposeful missed free throws. Search for my James Hardon LeBron video from last year. That is another shining example.

    7. the knicks never had a top 5 star like lebron or jordan curry etc? in i never said the nba isnt rigged what i said is scripted

      but u cant explain how a team that is the most valuable that plays in the biggest market where the nba is located is the flagship team best arena who adam silver in david stern are known knicks fans
      have only won 2 titles in about to miss the playoffs for the third straight year if the nba was scripted the knicks would win alot more especially since where talking about history

      the knicks are a bad team just like the lakers in the warriors in cavs are good teams with superstars theres no script there
      but they will get all the help from the refs to win games because its rigged

      i see your point of what your tryna say but you have to look at history of teams like knicks in lakers etc in think if it was scripted they would be winning

  3. The Song "Wild Thing" was made popular by the band The Troggs in 1965.

    2017 - 1965 = .. 52 ..

    (Wild Thing = 52)

    Wild Thing Written by Chip Taylor.

    Chip Taylor" in the English Reduction system equals 55

    The track runs 2:30 in length.

    two minutes thirty seconds" in the English Reduction system equals 104 / 122

    Anderson Varejao Golden State" in the English Reduction system equals 104

    Golden State" in the English Ordinal system equals 122

    The Troggs " in the English Ordinal system equals 119

    "The Troggs " in the English Reduction system equals 47

  4. Excellent work, wouldn't it be fitting if Varejo who was hurt all last year now plays his former team in the finals which he couldn't participate in due to supposed injury. Also, Kevin love and Kyrie Irving didn't play due to supposed injury, the Cavs best players besides Lebron. Both Lebron and steph curry were born in Akron Ohio, where I live. Curry said he was going to "bring home a championship to Akron" even though he hadn't lived here since he was less than 4 years old. Lebron promised to bring a championship to Akron too at the beginning of his career, this year he'll do it after his lifetime contract with Nike fulfillment. By the way, the nba switches their uniforms to Nike next year.

    1. Let us not forget Nike turned 44-years old this year.

    2. Interesting, I suspect the Cavs will get their 44th win of the year against either the Boston Celtics or the Memphis Grizzlies in the next 2 days after winning against the Wizards tonight. I believe they'll probably lose to the celtics tomorrow and get their 44th win against the Grizzlies who the Warriors defeated in the first round of the playoffs last year 4-2

    3. They play the Celtics on a date with '44' numerology. Count on it.

  5. Wow, of course. Remember in 2012 when Lebron got his first ring they beat the Celtics in the eastern finals 4-3 to advance to the nba finals. Also the heat played the thunder in the finals that year who were in the finals for the first time since since 1996 when they were the supersonics. Of course they lost to the nba team with the best win-loss record of all time the 1996 Michael Jordan led Bulls. Funny how the Warriors just had a series with and swept the thunder, who Lebron played to get his first ring in his 2nd finals. Also of course the Warriors are chasing that 1996 Bulls win-loss record.