Friday, March 18, 2016

44 49 94 98 113 126 | Abdeslam Salah, captured 126-days after November 13, 2015 Paris terror hoax

What a hooky headline for another bullshit contrived story.

We = 5+5 = 10
Have = 8+1+4+5 = 18/36 (This story comes 18-weeks after November 13, 2015)
Him = 8+9+4 = 21
We Have Him = 49/67

We = 23+5 = 28
Have = 8+1+22+5 = 36
Him = 8+9+13 = 30
We Have Him = 94

And the updated headline continues the theme.

This "capture" comes 126-days after the actual event.

Here are the details on the man "captured".


  1. They finally got him :D ha. Was wondering when he'd pop up in the news again. Few things noticed ...
    With 'We Have Him' being = to 94. 'Terror' = 94. 'November' = 94 . Remember they wrote 'From Paris With Love', on those bombs they dropped on Syria just after the whole Paris terror nonsense ... 'From Paris With Love' = 94

    'Extremism' = 126. 'Bataclan' = 18 in reduction. 18 weeks exactly since Nov. 13th. 'Islam' = 18.

  2. Feck forgot to say, 'March Eighteenth' = 144.

    1. 'March Eighteenth', in Jewish = 409. 409 = The 80th prime number. 'Europe' = 80. 'Planned In Syria' = 80.
      'Jihadist' = 80. The main victim focused on by the news after Nick Alexander was, 'Nohemi Gonzalez' = 80. After her, it was the poor old French man, searching for his kids named,'Georges Saline' = 409. Another victim of the terror, 'Elodie Breuil' = 409.

  3. If only there was an easy way to educate people and wake them up. Gematria is over most people's head. Keep up the great work though

  4. He was wearing a white hoodie in the picture too

  5. 126---That's a confirmation of an act of God(26), also a mixup of our 216, cause you know God and the Devil are the same guy, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. While tyranny, injustice, murder, sacrifice, genocide, etc are all bad things, Everything that is comes from God. So if, as most of the GOoD books in the World say, the purpose of our lives is to be more like God, then sometimes you might need to cut in front of the lady on the road or cuss out some asshole who pissed you off or march armed into the capitals of corrupt society's and the headquarters of diabolical corporations and have them replaced, one way or the other.

    It really comes down to the morals and principals you have set for yourself, no the rights that someone else says you are entitled to. In God's eyes, we may just be entitled to it all.

    1. Pontificate---118
      Meaning of Life---118
      The Matrix---118