Thursday, March 10, 2016

44 89 | Cheltenham, upcoming horse race

Someone asked me to look into this, but I'm having trouble finding any information.  The gematria of the event pops though.



    1. Last years winner was "Coneygree" 52/113.

    2. Didn't Victor Espinoza and American Pharoah have some 52 connections as well? Victor's birthday is 5/23 by the way.

    3. Not sure how I got 113 there, but the 52 still stands out

  2. Much appreciated Zach !!

    And thanks to everyone for helping out too! I am new to all these numbers and find it very interesting.

    I will have a look through the cards runners and see if I can come up with something with the knowledge I have.

    I am sure these big money races have some kind of tells .. .

    Cheers again hopefully we might find something .

  3. Well here we go since 2012 the gold cup has been scripted !!
    Aybe a tribute to ap mcccoy the jockey ? Maybe just because they can ! ?

    Ap McCoy 9 he rode the winner in 2012 on synchronised 18

    It may be that these races will in fact be synchronised for the next 9 years from the year he won !

    1. So ...

      2013 winner was bobs worth 12 the jockey was b geraghty 18

      2014 winner lordWindermere 18 jockey d Russell 12

      2015 winner coneygree 15 jockey n de boinville 18

    2. The synchronisation is in play !

      So we have to wait to see the jockey bookings and the one with 15 gematria ;) also cover it with road to riches gematria of 18 which links with last year's jockey winner and trainer has a 252 gematria I hear thats a good number

    3. Sorry one last thing I see 44 and 89 for Cheltenham I have been adding the number together eg 456 4+5+6 ;) is that wrong ?

      And smad place has a gematria of 444 that stood out ! ;)


    4. I think the horse Ballycasey is the only horse with 33 gematria (the small way). Something to consider.

      2+1+3+3+7 + 3+1+1+5+7=33

      I'll have to go through it more thoroughly myself too.

      You're right about Smad Place being 444 in English gematria which is also 74 in simple english.

      Not sure what you mean though when you say Bobs worth 12 for example. Odds? 12/1? Because "Bobs"=11 the small way, and 38 the big way.


      it's not wrong to compress 456 like that and you could even compress it all the way down to 6 and not leave it at 15. 1+5=6. im just wondering though what you saw that equalled 456. If for example cheltenham gold cup equalled 456 (15) ; (6 all the way compressed), and horse #15 or #6 had several other connections to 15 or 6 (or 456) you would be on to something. It's all about patterns.. You're starting to see that though. That's good. Don't only look for it in gambling though! Haha

  4. Cheers for the input mad1dog OK lete explain on my calculator I use bobs worth =732 so I 7+3+2 = 12 with the jockey being 18 gematria in the same way and the horse that started the synchronisation was synchronised in 2012 with gematria of 18 !

    So if you break it down the way I have + all the numbers the numbers there is a pattern already ! The last 4

    1. It is the horse from last year's gematria matching the jockey in the next year's on my calculator I use

    2. I see now, "Bobs worth" was the name of the horse. My mistake.

      Thank you for the explanation. If you're seeing some patterns within english gematria I think thats great. Keep studying Zachs work on the other forms too though (simple english and pythagorean)

  5. Yeah I think I have this one nailed !!

    The horse in question has just had his jockey announced and like I said the winner of the last year's race had 15 and the jockey had 18

    So we are looking for a jockey with a gematria of 15 as I stated earlier ... Low and behold the first announcement is on "smad place" the one who also has a funny gematria of 444 also kind of like 44 that of Cheltenham. Also

    His numbers come to 15 in the ratings

    Looks like this...

    1. Or 168 TS 154 rpr 177

      So as you can see two of those you can make 15. Those are smads racing post ratings.

      So I noticed the trainer a king has the same gematria as the trainer whose horse is coded to play a part i think and may follow eachother in as 1;2

      Road to riches trainer has a 252 same as smad place trainer.

      Also the jockey who is on board is w Hutchinson ! 15 !

      The horse is 14/1 is most places at the moment and road to riches is 16/1

      So worth a punt ;) ew