Wednesday, March 16, 2016

47 51 78 79 | Dallas Mavericks at Cleveland Cavs, March 16, 2016

Interesting matchup here.  Notice the Cavs have 47 wins and are facing the Mavericks later today, in Ohio.

Mavericks = 4+1+4+5+9+9+3+2+1 = 38/47
Ohio = 15+8+9+15 = 47

Also, think about Cleveland's 51-year streak of no pro sports championships.

Dallas = 4+1+3+3+1+1= 13/22
Mavericks = 4+1+4+5+9+9+3+2+1 = 38/47
Dallas Mavericks = 51/69 (LeBron James, Cleveland Cavs, Cleveland = 51)

In LeBron Jame's first season with the Miami Heat, he lost in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks.

This game comes a span of 79-days until the start of the NBA Finals, June 2, 2016.

Champion = 3+8+1+13+16+9+15+14 = 79

If you don't count the end date, June 2 follows March 16, the date of the game, by 78-days.  Notice also the span of 11 weeks and 1 day in light of the gematria of 'The NBA Finals' and 'NBA Finals'.


  1. Should I prepare for the cavs championship parade ?

    1. Barring any injures lebron should have this title wrapped up in I hope after he wins the Nba move on in find a new team to send to the finals

      But I'm afraid if he goes back to Miami it's gonna be lebron in the finals for awhile

  2. Its always hard to say if they win or lose games like this though. I always feel like theres a chance of a loss

  3. Lebron is sitting out (rest) tonight and they are 3-12 without him.. What do ya think Zach