Monday, March 21, 2016

47 57 58 93 511 | April 7, 2016, Spurs at Warriors (This game will determine Western Conference Champion)

April 7, 2016, the Spurs and Warriors play for the last time in Golden State this season (they play again in San Antonio April 10).  The date of April 7, or 4/7 stands out, because the first NBA Championship was in the year '47.  That championship was won by the Philadelphia Warriors, who are now the Golden State Warriors.

4/7/2016 = 4+7+20+16 = 47

What else stands out about that game, is that it comes in a span of days, 57, before the start of the NBA Finals.

Notice that the April 7 game comes 5 months and 11-days after the start of the season, October 27, 2015.

The reason this might be relevant, is because of the sequence 511, and how it connects to 'Saturn'.

Notice how 'Saturn' connects to 'Spurs'.  Keep in mind that Saturn is the keeper of 'time'.

Time also has a connection to '47', much like April 7, or 4/7.

In the Spurs and Warriors prior matchup, the Spurs won on the 144th day of the season, March 19, 2016.

Recall, the Spurs won their 44th straight game at home, defeating the Warriors, who are in their 44th year of existence.

And again, March 19, the date of the game, written 19/3, has yet another connection to 44.

One last point, on April 7, the Warriors will be playing for their 55th win all-time against the Spurs, and the Spurs will be playing for their 105th win all-time against the Warriors.

The Warriors currently have a 50-game winning streak at home.  If the win streak is still intact by the time they play the Spurs, they will be playing for their 58th straight win at home against the Spurs, April 7, 2016.

Warriors = 5+1+9+9+9+6+9+1 = 49/58


  1. Hey Zach, I have a heads up for the NCAA tourney. I saw on ESPN that Michael Jordan's last game was in 1984 vs Indiana in the tournament. Should be more clues for a UNC championship. Game was on 3/22/1984. I'm about to look into it more...

  2. Man the spurs are so old and boring to me. Would be better if GS went again.

    1. no it would not be better if GS goes again.. cause they will probably end up getting blown out by the damn cavs

  3. Look into the owner of Spurs Peter holt

    Peter holt= 119,47
    Third generation ceo
    From Corpus Christi like CC 33
    Ever since you zach wrote how a lot of big stars have 33 gematria I have found that at least an owner coach or star player on the teams who at least won 2 finals "(dynasty)" have a 33 person..
    As u stated Kobe Michael Robert Riley Stephen magic bird are 33s but also Rasheed holt and mahorn are 33s.that means there was always one significant person on the team with 33 gematria since back in the Pistons bad boy days I didn't go back any further sure there's more

    1. Rasheed was open about the league being rigged and even wore 33 and 30