Thursday, March 24, 2016

47 64 74 | Belgium Bombing 'Manhunt' headlines, March 24, 2016

If you missed my post on the Bakraoui Brothers, please read that here:

Let us decode the name, Najim Laachroui, which we have not already.

Najim = 5+1+1+9+4 = 20
Laachraoui = 3+1+1+3+8+9+1+6+3+9 = 44 (Kill)
Najim Laachraoui = 64 (Israel)

Najim = 14+1+10+9+13 = 47
Laachraoui = 12+1+1+3+8+18+1+15+21+9 = 89
Najim Laachrauoui = 136

Notie the 47 coding above, the Masonic-Zionist signature number.  Surprise, surprise.

'Subway Bombing' also produces familiar numbers.

Subway = 1+3+2+5+1+7 = 19/28
Bombing = 2+6+4+2+9+5+7 = 35
Subway Bombing = 54/63

Subway = 19+21+2+23+1+25 = 91
Bombing = 2+15+13+2+9+14+7 = 62
Subway Bombing = 153


  1. Pats just signed Nate Washigton former Texan number 85. Birthday August of 83 Will be 33 years old this season lol. Pats picking up all these players for nothing of course Bennet and Washington along with the others...........Danger remember last year we saw them on a huge winning streak. Let's see how the Colts do they haven't added anyone. Just saying because Brady didn't have anybody last season and they still....still made him look good with no Edelman.....Seems like the NFL wants to make Brady look good this year. No Mankins and 26th in the RUN GAME? Donald Brown Former Colt is the Only question mark at HB

  2. Oh I forgot to mention......Washington was Born in Ohio. Just a small detail....

  3. This reminds me of the man with one red shoe.

  4. Hey love your work Zachary. I'm from England and I was just wondering if you had seen this or done video's on any of these stories. We see how these fake scenes appear over social media and do you think these types of practices are used in false flags?
    Emergency drill in London (29/02/2016)

    Glasgow terror drill (27/01/2016):