Tuesday, March 22, 2016

53 223 | The Beatles (band) headlines of March 22, 2016 & the reason why

Notice the time stamp of 2:23 on 22/3.  Keep in mind the first Beatles album, 'Please, Please Me' released on March 22, 1963, 53-years ago today.

Holy = 8+6+3+7 = 24
Grail = 7+9+1+9+3 = 29
Holy Grail = 53 (First album, 53-years ago today) (Religion = 53)


For the record, my favorite Beatles song is 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'.


  1. Ooh you better watch out Zach you posted this at 12:23 Hahahah.. All kidding aside this system of numerology that these sick bastards use to make decisions is patently absurd. What the fuck ya know? There's absolutely no inherent power in a number. The numbers only have power because they believe them to. These fucks think certain numbers are so powerful that it becomes their modus operandi for doing practically anything! What a joke! Do they eat dinner at a time in a day that corresponds to "dinner" in gematria??? Lost children.

  2. It's computer code and that's IS pretty powerful, isn't it? It's pretty hard to make things happin in "real life" but it's easy to make numbers line up in a story u have total control over.

    1. Oh absolutely, of course they control the numbers put out in all the news stories and pro sports and such.. I'm just saying there is no inherent power in any number. It is a system invented by man, this gematria and numerology shit they operate through is just a way of giving a number power, it's all imaginary. Skull and bones putting 322 on their symbol has no more power than "Christians" wearing crucifixes around their necks. Man has always looked outside of himself for power or governance, so these lost children let the numbers tell them what to do. It's all a farce. Go live out in nature for a few days and see how much gematria or numbers actually matter.

    2. I'm trying to understand the world I find myself in. Numbers are code. They are also geometries (geo m trees) measurements, relationships between one thing and another the space in between things. I think they matter a great deal more than we know. I mean how did god (insert deity of choice) design those trees, how high to make them, how they would grow in relation to other shrubbery, etc..is it all random? I doubt it.

    3. Tis not random. Check out "Last Waltz of the Tyrants" by Ramtha. It explains a great deal

  3. Willy Campbell anyone?

    "willy campbell" in the English Reduction system equals 55
    "Willy campbell is paul mccartney" in the English Reduction system equals 118

    1. "Sgt pepper" in the English Ordinal system equals 122

      "strawberry fields forever" in the English Reduction system equals 122

    2. The date Paul supposedly died is interesting.

      11/9/1966 or 9/11/1966 = 50 years ago
      11+9+19+66 = 105
      11+9+66 = 86
      1+1+9+1+9+6+6 = 33

    3. "car crash" in the English Reduction system equals 35 which is the reflection of 53

    4. "car crash" in the English Ordinal system equals 71
      "i was willy campbell" in the English Reduction system equals 71

      "Sir James Paul McCartney" in the English Ordinal system equals 246

      What is interesting is that 246 is an untouchable number
      It is the 15th untouchable number in order(the 13th is 216)

      11+9+19+66 = 105 or 15

  4. Recorded on Oxford street, is that 361? Hard to read, but anyway Oxford refs Rob Ford.

    Beats are frequencies, transmissions, like radio, records.
    Bi-naurel beats are two different tones one in left ear and another slightly different in the other ear. Not in sync