Thursday, March 10, 2016

55 64 119 | Cavs 64, Lakers 55, at the half, March 10, 2016

The MVP award was created for the NBA in the '55 season.  Here is a battle of former league MVPs.

Satan = 19+1+20+1+14 = 55 (One person recognized before the team)

Also standing out, is the Cavs score of 64-points.  Again, Cleveland has not won a championship since 1964, emphasis on '64.

And then there is the sum of 119 points.

All Seeing Eye = 1+12+12+19+5+5+9+14+7+5+25+5 = 119
Star of David = 19+20+1+18+15+6+4+1+22+9+4 = 119


  1. Damn near almost every laker game there is always a break to commercial when they have 66 points

  2. The whole passing of the torch thing isn't going well kobe is torching lebron

  3. Mohamed sanu who signed with the falcons has 11 tds in his career. Roddy white was gone from them after 11 seasons. I think its now coming all together just gotta wait to see where white goes.

  4. There were 4 lead changes and 4 ties.... Im assuming Lebron Winning against Kobe symbolizes a finals Ring