Saturday, March 12, 2016

666 | New Sandy Hook video frozen at 666 views all night

Here is wisdom = 66
Zachary Hubbard = 66

Wisdom = 83, what year was I born in?


  1. question I have been trying to decode nba games, what should I be mainly looking for to see the decoding on who possibly will win. I look at the star players, what city they play in etc. but I'm finding it hard to see who I think will or should win, what is the main thing to look for.
    thanks for your time,

    1. Did you watch my last video, the preview on Lakers and Cavs? I talked about how it was the 108th matchup all-time between the Cavs and Lakers, and what was the final score?
      This is what you want to look at.
      1) All-Time Matchups between team:
      2) Date of game:
      3) How many days since the two teams last played:
      4) Star Players birthdays and distance to birthday from game, you can do the same things with the coaches.
      5) Name Gematria of Teams:
      6) Records of the teams and how that corresponds with date and theming on the season. For example, the Cavs just faced the Lakers who had 51 losses when the Cavs are trying to break a 51-year record losing streak
      -Also know what the season count is, for example, upcoming Super Bowl 51 and 47th SB of the Modern Era

  2. thanks again for your time. Enjoy listening to your work.