Wednesday, March 16, 2016

78 239 | Thunder defeat Celtics 130-109, March 16, 2016, 78-days before start of NBA Finals

Notice the span of 78-days or 11-weeks and 1-day.

Remember tonight's game when the NBA Finals role around.  If I'm wrong about the Warriors, which I don't think I am, then I expect the Thunder to represent the West, another team LeBron has history with.  Tonight, 78-days before the start of the NBA Finals, June 2, the Thunder defeated the NBA's leading champions, the Celtics, with an interesting score, summing to 239, in the 239th year of the nation's existence.

In prior posts we've talked about how this number connects to LeBron, the train wreck of last year, and more.  In Philadelphia, where the train wreck occurred, the flag was once supposedly sewn at 239 Arch St.