Friday, April 1, 2016

41 118 | Will Leicester City of the Premier League fall as the Carolina Panthers did in the NFL?

This is the cover page of ESPN, April 1, 2016.

4/1/2016 = 4+1+20+16 = 41
King = 11+9+14+7 = 41

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  1. Got to love the guy with the 36 jersey. 6*6*6

    1. The only letters you can make out on his shirt is DARM

      "darm" in the English Reduction system equals 18
      "darm" in the English Sumerian system equals 216
      "darm" in the English Ordinal system equals 36

    2. The guy wearing the no.36 is a Manchester United player name, 'Darmian'.
      'Darmian' = 33 in reduction. Guess it makes sense to have him in the picture. :D
      English prem is called the 'Barclays Premier League'.
      'Barclays' = 36. 'Sky Sports' = 36
      'Soccer' = 36

  2. Remember Jamie Vardy's record 11 goals in a row. He wears the no.9 shirt... kinda like Vardy 9/11.
    Vardy's date of birth summed, 1+11+19+87 = 118
    The King Power CEO & Leicester City chairman is named,
    'Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha' = 118
    'King Power Duty-Free' = 222
    From Vardy's first goal to his 11th in row was a span of 13 weeks exactly.
    222, 13, and 41 = the 13th prime number.
    He broke the record about 2 weeks after the Paris Attacks.

    Class post, all the best man, Dar!

    1. Also in Jewish, 'Record' = 222. 'Break' = 222 in standard.

    2. You nailed it again Dar..!!!!!!!!! Show off..LOL

    3. Ha :) . I'd done a vid on Vardy after his record so just got lucky with the topic. :P Had it been about NFL or NHL titles, I'd be clueless. :D

    4. Ohh and the other team in contention for English Prem title are 'Tottenham Hotspur', nicknamed 'Spurs' ... I find it funny Spurs and Leicester have both of The English national team's, first choice strikers. Spurs have 'Harry Kane' and Leicester have 'Jamie Vardy'. At the start of the season, no-one and honestly No-One, would have put any money on either winning. Complete farce. 'Farce' = 33 :P

    5. Last thing. Kane and Vardy are England's top choice strikers. 'Kane And Vardy' = 48 in reduction.
      48th prime number = 223.

    6. Kane changed his number from 18 to 10 at Spurs this season.
      Asked why he did that???
      "To become a club legend" was the reply!!
      To become a club legend = 74 in Reduction method!!!

  3. They have a guy born on Jan 31st on their squad. Date is written different there though.

  4. My pick for Euro 16 here...

    1. Class stuff man. Been meaning to check into it last while. A France V Belgium final would have all the headlines reaming with defiance, bravery, in the face of terror, blahh etc blahh. France the host and Belgium ranked no.1 ... both the victims of Terror cripts. First time in history there gonna be 51 matches...a number all over paris attacks. More so like ya said with the no. 113 and 131. 113/131 were plastered on Paris and prob Belgium too. Didnt get time to do much on Belgium. So much stuff goin on it near impossible to keep up :D All the best man, Dar!

    2. France Belgium....Wouldnt that be somthing!??
      Good stuff lad!