Monday, April 4, 2016

45 49 67 74 77 85 108 139 151 152 | Kris Jenkins "Big Smooth" game winner for Villanova College Basketball Championship, April 4, 2016

In the end, it was the Villanova player Kris Jenkins who won the game with a buzzer beater, defeating his brother, who plays for UNC.  That is interesting in light of the Philadelphia connection Villanova has, and Philadelphia being the city of 'Brotherly Love'.

Before the game winner was made, North Carolina's Paige made the miracle three to tie it up at 74-74, with 4.7 on the clock.  He was my pick to be tournament MVP should North Carolina win it all.  Talk about almost.

To go with the 74 and 4.7, Paige finished 4/7 from three point land.

Remember, this was the 78th edition of the tournament.

After Paige's heroics, Kris Jenkins, brother of North Carolina's Nate Britt, hit the game winning three as time expired, on a pass from senior Ryan Arcidiacono, who was playing in his 144th game.

Notice the game finished 77-74.

Jesus = 10+5+21+19+19 = 74
Christ = 3+8+18+9+19+20 = 77
Jesus Christ = 151

Recall the '77' connection to Radnor Township, where Villanova is located.

Also, I can't help but think of the Carolina Panther's 15-1 record this past NFL season, with the North Carolina Tar Heels losing in a football stadium.

This score also checks in at 1-point under the initial over/under of 152, which corresponded with last year's tournament, as well as 'Pennsylvania' and 'Thirty-Six'.  Keep in mind Villanova is from PA and this year was their 36th year in the tournament, the year of '36' and '666'.  2016 = 20+16 = 36

Kris = 2+9+9+1 = 21/30/39
Jenkins = 1+5+5+2+9+5+1 = 28/37/46
Kris Jenkins = 49/67/85 (Villanova won in '85)

Kris = 11+18+9+19 = 57
Jenkins = 10+5+14+11+9+14+19 = 82
Kris Jenkins = 139 (Freemasonry)

11/20/1993 = 11+20+19+93 = 143
11/20/1993 = 11+20+(1+9+9+3) = 53
11/20/1993 = 1+1+2+0+1+9+9+3 = 26
11/20/93 = 11+20+93 = 124

Notice Kris Jenkins went to 'Gonzaga' College High School, a Catholic High School, just as Villanova is a Catholic College.

Gonzaga = 7+6+5+8+1+7+1 = 35
Catholic = 3+1+2+8+6+3+9+3 = 35
Villanova earns 35th win of the season tonight

Kris Jenkins, is nicknamed 'Big Smooth'.

Isn't it perfect?  Villanova, again, avenges the loss from 45-years ago, in 1971, when they lost to UCLA.

And again, 'Seventy-One' connects to Catholic, as does '35'.  Villanova earned their 35th win of the season tonight.

With regards to 45- North Carolina suffered their 45th loss, while Villanova avenged their championship loss from 45-years ago, in 1971, to UCLA, who also wore the baby blue, like UNC.

Backhoe = 2+1+3+11+8+15+5 = 45 (Philly train wreck yesterday, due to "Backhoe")
The "backhoe" riddle was for Villanova after all

1971 was 44-years ago.

In the second half, there was a crucial 44-44 moment.

Villanova took the lead, for the first time in a long time, 46-44.  The rest is history.

Again, it was Villanova Sr., Ryan Arcidiacono's 144th game as a Wildcat.

The = 2+8+5 = 15
Pavilion = 7+1+4+9+3+9+6+5 = 44
The Pavilion = 59

I have to say, I felt that Villanova was going to win from early on, because nearly every call went their way all game.  The zebras, as they often do, had the biggest impact on this game.  


  1. I tell you what this national championship game and the ending brought a lot of attention to the sport everyone is talking about it

  2. Both sides tugged at me with this pick it was tough. Your prediction for MLB Cubs was quoted on ESPN saying they are chasing a championship

    1. When the Simpsons crap came I was 50-50. No article on that?

  3. I've always felt like your predictions have had something to do with the outcomes

  4. Listening to the announcers after the game they are clearly playing it up. We had a lack of buzzer beaters. You can't dream this up.

  5. Champions in 2016???
    Wwe champion Romans reigns

    1. "thirty six" =152
      Pennsylvania =152
      #15 to #2 for game winning shot.

    2. Good work mad1dog, nice connections.

    3. Thanks.. Check this out.. The pavilion=59* like you already noted. Villanova beat Oklahoma *95-51. Difference of 44.

      With wrestlemania going on I thought this was interesting...

      The facility (The Pavilion) was originally known as John Eleuthère du Pont Pavilion, as it was funded in part by John Eleuthère du Pont, a member of the wealthy and influential Du Pont family. In 1997, the du Pont name was removed from the facility, with the family's tacit permission, after John was convicted of the murder of Olympic wrestling gold medalist Dave Schultz.

      Dave Schultz went to college at Oklahoma.

    4. Hmmmm... that is very interesting.

    5. lilbundy420, this is a patter we need to follow all season. The year of 666...

    6. Let's do this!!!!

      HAHA lil bundy420 it's a capital i and lower case L's. ..... illbundy420. It's all gravy tho idc..

    7. Mad1dog, beautiful connection Mann

  6. Most of the attention was placed on North Carolina. The broadcasters and the media completly ignored them during the game. I had a feeling they were going to lose when they placed so many tributes toward them. Like you stated 33 is a number of sacrifice.

    1. Yes, coming in with 33 wins was a clue.

    2. Yep 33 was the magic number. I meant to say Villanova was completely ignored.

  7. I'm really trying to believe in sports being rigged by numbers. But based off of your predictions, I've lost 5 out of 7 wagers that I've placed. This isn't a troll post or assigning blame on you, but calling games wrong really hurts credibility. This has even me doubting whether this is real, & I'm a believer. Like I said, I'm not trying to hate, but I don't know that I'm gonna gamble for a good while. That's a terrible win/loss ratio. I will continue to follow your blog, but w/ caution & skepticism now.

    1. What five out of seven have you lost?

    2. If you bet on UNC the whole tournament you should have won at the following rounds
      and lost at the championship.
      Meaning, you should have gone 5-1 off the UNC pick.

    3. With alk due respect it is not Zach's fault you lost money. A bet is a 50-50 chance. Gematria is helpful in trying to decode which way an event may go but it is still up to you to do your own research and make your own decision. Not like Zach is charging for his skill or advice

    4. It's quite obviously rigged by the numbers, but when it comes to predicting ahead of time who is going to win, well that's a tricky thing to do. TPTB have weaved an incredibly tangled web of clues and connections. It's one thing to decode an event after it's happened and quite another to predict them beforehand.

      Zach did predict them to win before the tournament and they lost in the finals by 3 points, which is ridiculous. As he said in a recent video, he does get it wrong but when he does he only just barely gets it wrong.

  8. Carolina teams are 0-3 in Championships.

  9. Did you see in the 2nd half when UNC made it 72-71 with 22.2 seconds left and then instantly changed up to 22.3? 72+71=143 like the Backward 341 of the Amtrak Crash. May 23rd normally the 143rd day.

  10. Won longshot on Broncos, lost Golden State at Spurs, lost matchup bet of UNC vs. Kansas in title game, lost UNC winning title, lost UFC Cowboy vs. Cowboy, & lost an elite 8 parlay because it was a sure thing that Kansas was going for the title. Won a Sweet 16 parlay for the other victory.

    I just said I don't blame Zach. But you can't call people retarded for not believing in your work if you aren't making the right picks, no matter how close it comes. There's no money in betting the moneyline on UNC every game, because they were favored. You'd have to bet $300 to win $200 on the title game alone. Those were some of the best odds all tournament. The way you make money in gambling is longshot calls & parlays. I know you're beginning to gamble, so just know, getting close means a loss.

    1. Cowboy = 83; the Cowboys from '83 won UFC Fight Night 83, Cowboy vs Cowboy. Use these skills in the future, and don't take my word for it. I've been right about more than I've been wrong about by a lot. If you took that Broncos pick in October, you should still be ahead in your bets.

  11. I noticed 303 for 30 "requiem for the big east" Came on the week before the game....

  12. rewatching the final shot no one was on jenkins he literally walked up the court caught the pass and had a wide open shot