Sunday, April 3, 2016

54 58 106 108 | 'Oracle' says Cleveland vs Warriors, NBA Finals 2016, April 1, 2016 (1958 NBA Championship in Review)

Thinking about the Warriors and '58', I thought I would go back 58-years, to the 1958 NBA Championship that was played between the St. Louis Hawks and the Boston Celtics.

Warriors = 5+1+9+9+9+6+9+1 = 49/58
Freemasonry = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5+9+7 = 58
1958, 58-years ago

Do you recall what happened the other night when the Warriors home winning streak was snapped at a record 54-games on April 1, 2016, April Fools Day?

Oracle = 15+18+1+3+12+5 = 54
54-game winning streak snapped at 'Oracle'

On the same night the Warriors home winning streak was snapped at 54-games by the Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Warriors were winning their 54th game against the Atlanta Hawks, who were once the St. Louis Hawks.  Notice how the Hawks won the NBA Championship in 1958, and the Boston Celtics lost.

To me, Cleveland defeating the Hawks, and the Warriors falling to the Celtics, is symbolic of this championship from 58-years ago.  What do you think?

The Warriors lost with '106' points, a number having to do with 'prophecy', much like how the 'Oracle' is about telling the future.

Prophecy = 16+18+15+16+8+5+3+25 = 106

And on the same night the Warriors ended their home winning streak at 54, April 1, 2016, the Cavs earned their 54th win of the season.

Notice the Hawks lost with '108 points'.

Golden = 7+6+3+4+5+5 = 30
State = 1+2+1+2+5 = 11/20
Warriors = 5+1+9+9+9+6+9+1 = 49/58
Golden State Warriors = 90/108

Checkout the April 1, 2016 box scores for both teams.