Monday, April 18, 2016

58 139 | CNN's April 18, 2016 tribute to "Will Smith killing", 'death is normal'

You're daily CNN 'freemasonry' shout out, this time in regard to the suspicious death of New Orleans Saint, Will Smith.

Perfect match.

Adding insult to injury, today has '58' numerology.

4/18/2016 = 4+18+20+16 = 58

I've commented before that '134' seems to have to do with disaster.  The Philadelphia Train Wreck of May 12, 2015, came 134-days before the Pope's visit with the President on September 23.  September 22, the day the President first greeted the Pope, was 133-days after the train wreck.

Keep in mind May 12 is the 132nd day of the year.

And with regards to that span of 133-days...

Again, 'Saints' have a lot to do with the Catholic Church and their spiritual beliefs.


  1. "bus fire" in the English Gematria system equals 512
    "san antonio spurs" in the English Ordinal system equals 215 the reflection of 512.

    Maybe they suffer a pivotal loss close to that day?

  2. Two days after Will Smith we get the death of one Hokie Gajan at age 56. He was a running back with the Saints ('82-'85) then a scout for the Saints then color commentator for Saints radio. Gajan =33. Saints =330.

    1. Ex-Saint makes me think of decanonization, having one's sainthood removed. Decanonized =55. Saints Sacrifice =155. And now that we have two back-to-back we can use the plural: Ex-Saints =666.

      Killing of Ex-Saint =79. Sinner =79. Saints and Sinners =100. Decanonized =100.