Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Anonymous letter I just received in the mail, clues from an "old friend" about Hillary Clinton?

I was trying to go a day without a blog post, I've been working hard on the book the last few days and have been using my writing energy for that.  Anyhow, the mail just came for the day, and I got a letter from someone who I think has sent me before.  It might even be the same person who gave me the birthday deadline.

Notice the letter was sent on April 15, 2016, typically the 105th day of the year, but this year the 106th.  It contained a picture of Hillary Clinton with some dates and words written in yellow highlighter.

If you don't recognize that face, it is the young Hillary Clinton.

In yellow highlighter, the person has written the following information:

AD 802, 701

They also wrote the words, "When what is the truth?"

If anyone wants to take a stab, cheers to you.  I'll do some thinking later.

It appears the letter came from the Washington D.C. area.


  1. Has a Time Travel Theme.... check this out Zach.

    Judgment Day as described by both Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator 2: Judgment Day occurs on August 29, 1997 Skynet, which is activated on August 4, 1997, becomes self-aware at 02:14 am Eastern Time and launches nuclear missiles at Russia to incite a counterattack against the humans who, in a panic, tried to disconnect it.
    Since Sarah, informed by Kyle Reese, and the Terminator both share the same information (Which it would in any case if both it and Kyle were sent back at the same time to different destinations T2: The Future War), this date has not changed as a result of Cyberdyne managing to reconstruct and create the Terminators from the remaining parts of the first T-800. At this stage, quality may have improved, but the timing has not yet changed.

    11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963. The novel was announced on King's official site on March 2, 2011. Wikipedia

    Marty McFly used the DeLorean time machine to escape Libyan terrorists and accidentally traveled back in time to the very day Dr. Emmett L. Brown conceived of the possibility of time travel: Nov. 5, 1955. Where the Twin Pines Mall would someday stand, Marty arrived at the Twin Pines Ranch and crashed into Otis Peabody's barn.
    Marty escaped gunshots and ran over one of the two pines at the entrance of the farm. Apparently, this caused the Mr. Peabody to rename his ranch as the "Lone Pine Ranch", and the mall to be renamed "Lone Pine Mall").
    Marty drove onto a highway that passed by the future Lyon Estates.
    Marty hid the DeLorean behind a sign and walked two miles to town.
    Marty attempted to call Doc at Klondike 5-4385 and got no answer (and, fortunately, did not inadvertently disrupt Doc's revelation concerning the flux capacitor)
    Marty ordered a coffee at Lou's Cafe and encountered his father George McFly.
    Marty tracked George down and saved him from being hit by Sam Baines's car.
    Marty was hit by the car instead of George, changing history.
    While hanging a clock in his home bathroom, Dr. Emmett Brown slipped and hit his head on the porcelain sink and had an epiphany: a vision of the flux capacitor, which he theorized could make time travel possible. He was only able to realize his dream after 30 years of toil and, in 1985, he built a time machine out of a DeLorean.
    Marty woke up later that day in Lorraine Baines's bedroom and became known as "Calvin Klein".
    Marty had dinner with the Baines family while they watched the premiere of The Honeymooners episode "The Man From Space", and found the location of Doc's mansion.
    Marty convinced Doc that he was from the future and they recovered the car.
    1963, Tuesday

    AD 802, 701
    This is the year in which The Time Traveler met the Eloi, and the Morlocks. The era to which this year belongs is called Mor. ("The Time Machine", "Beyond the Time Machine")

    Here's more about that book..

    IN A.D. 802,701.

    MR. H. G. WELLS has written a very clever story as to the condition of this planet in the year 802,701 A.D., though the two letters A.D. appear to have lost their meaning in that distant date, as indeed they have lost their meaning for not a few even in the comparatively early date at which we all live. The story is one based on that rather favourite speculation of modern metaphysicians which supposes time to be at once the most important of the conditions of organic evolution, and the most misleading of subjective illusions. It is, we are told, by the effiux of time that all the modifications of species arise on the one hand, and yet Time is so purely subjective a mode of thought, that a man of searching intel. led is supposed to be able to devise the means of travelling in.

    read the rest here.

    1. That was an answer for the ages! So amazingly good....I wonder who could have wrote that letter ;)

      Time Travel =750. B Savage =57.

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    3. Thanks Maestro!.... And google did most the work ;)

      either way, if you are implying i might have sent that message you would be way wrong..... i would not waste ink printing out a picture of that evil woman lol....

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  2. Sent on the "15th".....

    Usually the 105th day of the year....

    Time Travel = 1050

    1. So Zach is sending letters to himself?

      I have to tell you about the future!!!

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  3. If everything happens at the same time in ALL time. The freemasons then can move freely to any time period they choose since time doesn't exist.
    How do we escape time and why are we born into a world with time? Why were we placed at this time? Did we choose to come to this time or are we put into a certain time slot.
    I don't think I would choose to come to a world where someone has created and controls all time. Unless we did to break it.

    1. A movie for that would be interesting...

    2. It is in movies they just split it up into many different ones.

    3. Mark Twains last unfinished work. The Mysterious Stranger #44.

  4. If freemasons control all time it would also explain how they are able to code literally everything. Its just a huge story and we are put into different segments of it with no recollection of anything. The numbers are consistent through all time the only thing that they change is the language or communication used to confuse us.
    They some how bottled us into this world of time. Thats my theory. We are the genie in the bottle.
    KRS-One said we are living in an Omni event everyone is doing everything at the same time. I think he has to be a master mason.

    1. I knew I didn't delete all my KRS-One songs yet for a reason. In the skit Revelation which is 1:05 long on the album Meta-Historical He states we are a prisoner of war we start with nothing.

  5. 11-22-63 is the only one that actually happened and when is the truth. I think the clue is pointing towards JFK, jr who died in 1999, conveniently when Hillary was planning a run for Senator of New York.

    The picture points to a younger Hillary. Maybe her becoming President has been planned since she was young. She was 16 when JFK was assassinated. 16 years after JFK, jr died she announced that she would be running for President.

    1. "sixteen" in the English Reduction system equals 33

      "sixteen" in the English Ordinal system equals 96 The reflection of 69.
      69 is the age Hillary will be when she is president.

      Also, 16 relates to 2016 the year she be elected.

    2. It will also be 16 years between Bill's presidency and hers. Bush served 2 terms (8) and Obama served 2 terms (8)

      Interesting enough is that 16 = 8+8 or 88
      Trump equals 88

    3. Hillary will not be President...

    4. Welp... one of us is wrong ha so we will see.

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  6. Damn the Celtics can't buy anything against the A. 1 for 12 during the first quarter. Man these players are missing on purpose and the rims are magnetic. That probably explains kent bazemores three pointer that kept swerving around the rim.

    1. Last nights game was a shout out to Dikembe, who was at the game last night, and the Hawks set to records on defense; team record for blocks in a playoff game at 15 and a NBA record for least points allowed in the first quarter in the playoffs at 7

  7. If you subtract these number you get
    8-29-97 = -118
    11-22-63 = -74
    11-5-55 = -49
    The AD80,701 = 1503

  8. Zach ur middle name is keefe why'd they put Joshua. Man I would pack my things and get the heck up outta there or at least buy a weapon u can use. This is your life on the line. This is not to be taken lightly.

    1. He isnt getting killed calm down.

    2. He isnt getting killed calm down.

    3. lol This isn't a threat to zach this more of a informative thing

      Whoever sent this clearly wanted him to solve whatever mystery that is behind it

      But it does make this election more interesting

    4. I hate to speak for Zach or for anyone for that matter but he did indeed get a death threat via mail and this may be the same person who sent it is what he's referring to.

      A little off topic but if anyone ever needs A private mode of communication, here is a link to some apps you can use which I didn't even know existed!


  9. This is Hillary's 1965 East High, Park Ridge Illinois Senior Class Photo.

    When What Is The Truth" in the English Reduction system equals 88 / 97

    Coded Hillary Letter" in the English Reduction system equals 88

    Hillary Election Assassination Attempt" in the English Reduction system equals 144

    Hillary Election Assassination Attempt" in the English Ordinal system equals 423

    Hillary Clinton Senior Class Portrait" in the English Ordinal system equals 423

    Hillary Diane Rodham Coded Letter" in the English Reduction system equals 144

    Hillary Diane Rodham Coded Letter" in the English Ordinal system equals 288

    Hillary Clinton Assassination" in the English Reduction system equals 116

    Hillary Clinton Judgment Day" in the English Reduction system equals 116

    The total date numerology of the day this letter was sent is interesting given the subject matter.

    4+15+16= 35
    4+15+20+16= 55
    4+15+(2+0+1+6)= 28
    4+1+5+(2+0+1+6)= 19

    35+55+28+19= .. 137 ..

    137 the 33rd Prime Number. Clinton =33

    Could something happen with the Clinton's April 23rd instead of May? Will see

    1. It also came from Washington, D.C. Which also is 137 and the 33rd prime

  10. yellow = jewish 1395
    english 552
    simple english 92
    highlighter = jewish 261
    english 666
    simple english 111
    not sure if there is a correlation or not?

  11. Hmm Hilary went to school in park ridge and its national park week this week. With everything going on with Yellowstone and beyonces new "world premiere event" of lemonade (lemons are yellow), that yellow highlighter is very important. If it wasn't, then a normal thing to do when writing a letter would be to pick up the closest pen next to you and use that, likely black or blue inked.
    Scottish rite=990,165
    Twenty two=990,165
    Denver airport=990,165
    False flag=156,414,69

    I don't understand the yellow teeth. Yellow teeth=900,150,1613

    Or is it a mouth? It also appears she has the head wound from scripture and also relates to the first commenter and the back to the future scene when Marty had a head wound after the crash and doc was scared of him at first (haven't watched that movie in forever so if I retold that scene wrong then you know why)

    Other things that are yellow:

  12. Hilary's schedule seems to be full every day and then 4/22 and 4/23 nothing is published for her. I wonder where she will be. At the same time in Colorado Springs there is some sort of democrat event at Colorado college (CC) (33) and the school colors are BLACK and GOLD. The address is on Nevada street. Strange strange strange. They have another address too though and it's something 'fishbowl street'. Couldn't help but notice that "owl" in the address. And then also the fish like the miraculous catch of fish from the Bible. The weird thing is the event isn't even listen on the schools website. I found the info that they would be there on democracynow or something like that

  13. It's not the Clinton camp it's somebody else.