Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Anonymous letter I just received in the mail, clues from an "old friend" about Hillary Clinton?

I was trying to go a day without a blog post, I've been working hard on the book the last few days and have been using my writing energy for that.  Anyhow, the mail just came for the day, and I got a letter from someone who I think has sent me before.  It might even be the same person who gave me the birthday deadline.

Notice the letter was sent on April 15, 2016, typically the 105th day of the year, but this year the 106th.  It contained a picture of Hillary Clinton with some dates and words written in yellow highlighter.

If you don't recognize that face, it is the young Hillary Clinton.

In yellow highlighter, the person has written the following information:

AD 802, 701

They also wrote the words, "When what is the truth?"

If anyone wants to take a stab, cheers to you.  I'll do some thinking later.

It appears the letter came from the Washington D.C. area.