Monday, April 18, 2016

Dan Behrendt's 'Warriors Back-to-Back' Video

Dan the Man thinks the Warriors will defeat the Cavs in the NBA Finals.  Keep his research in mind no matter what happens.


  1. I don't know how into the music industry people are on here but on July 31 2015 the rapper drake came out with a song called back to back which was a second diss song in a row without rapper meek mill responding. People were talking about it for months saying it was the best diss song ever just way over doing it. Meek mill is a rapper from PHILADELPHIA. Kind of interesting. Songs first line has a shout out to William "worldwide Wes" Wesley. Jay z has shouted him before. Nobody really knows what he does for the NBA but apparently he is the most influential business man in basketball? Okay? Something odd there.

    1. The reason meek didn't respond he was on tour with Niki Minaj back to back is a good song though

    2. That shit was so stupid. It was just to get attention and fame. Meek and Drake are friends behind the scene. Real Diss is ChinoXL Destroying Tupac on live radio.

    3. I can gurantee you their no friends anymore