Friday, October 7, 2016

27 93 103 107 108 | Cubs defeat Giants, October 7, 2016 (World Series tribute, & thoughts on a Cubs-Cleveland World Series)

With regards to the Cubs winning 103 games this year, that was the magic number for Cleveland when they broke the curse in the NBA.  If the Rangers get eliminated by Toronto, I think Cleveland is the team to face the Cubs.

103 is the 27th prime number

MLB = 13+12+2 = 27

Notice the Cubs had 27 at bats.

Notice the 107 pitches for the Cubs as well.

It has been 107-seasons since the Cubs won the World Series, 108-years.

Today is also October 7, 2016.

One wonders if the 118 pitches from the Giants were a tribute to the election upcoming, which if Chicago is in, will no doubt be a tribute to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who both have ties to the city.

Now for the clincher.

It has been 108-years since the Cubs won the World Series, and there are 108 stitches on a ball.  Notice that the 108th pitch was hit for a home run, on a "93 mph" fastball.  Of course the Cubs clinched a playoff birth in their 93rd win this year (in their 146th game), the first team to do so in the MLB.

Saturn = 93 (Keeper of time)

Can you guess the name gematria of the pitcher who gave up the home run?

His birth numerology even fits the picture.

2/15/1986 = 2+15+19+86 = 122
2/15/1986 = 2+15+(1+9+8+6) = 41
2/15/1986 = 2+1+5+1+9+8+6 = 32
2/15/86 = 2+15+86 = 103 (Cubs 103 win season)

His birthday is 131-days from the October 7, 2016 game, connecting to 'World Series'.

From the date of the game, October 7, to his upcoming birthday, is 55-days.

Chicago = 3+8+9+3+1+7+6 = 37
Cubs = 3+3+2+1/10 = 9/18
Chicago Cubs = 46/55 (Chicago = 37/46)

138+831 = 969 (Speed of Saturn, 9.69 km / s)
World Series = 57/66/75

With regards to him being '23', it also connects to his birthday being '55' days away.

I should note that we just saw the big '23' and '93' tribute in the AL Wild Card, so perhaps we need to look at the Blue Jays as well as a possible opponent if they knock off the Rangers, who are no doubt significant to this playoff picture, with the three Rangers related retirements earlier this year.

Also, the date October 7 can be written 7/10, something like '71'.  It has been 71-years since the Cubs were in the World Series, 1945.

Cubs = 45; Wrigley = 45; Illinois = 45

If the Cubs win the World Series, no doubt it will be a tribute to the Presidential election this year.  Hillary is from Chicago, and Barack, the current Democratic President, has connections to the city as well.

The election is to take place November 8, just days after the World Series concludes.


  1. Was thinking the same about the Indians, reminds me of Magor League.

    1. Major League even. That word fucks me up often.

    2. YES! MAJOR LEAGUE! I have to watch it now. That was one of my favorite movies as a child. I bet the truth is in that movie! Hilarious!

    3. I posted about this earlier! Major League runtime = 106 minutes. Sheen's character wears #99 lol.

      "Rookie Of The Year", the movie with the kid who helps the Cubs win the World Series, has a runtime of 103 minutes. Gonna do some more digging.

    4. Sheen's character is called "Wild Thing".

      Wild Thing = 52, 106, 636

      Wow lol.

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  3. David Price is now 10-3 vs Cleveland. 103.

    1. Yes sir, and it makes sense that they're facing Boston, Epstein's old team. I got to get to work on the Indians.

  4. What if the Saturn rituals, 57 home wins, 103 wins, and the 108 numbers is all a repeat of time. In other words, they're saying the Cubs World Series(57) 108 year drought continues and they're the sacrifice for Cleveland. Cleveland broke the 52 year drought, can they add another championship this year? One can say it'll take away from Lebrons spotlight, but damn all these Cleveland connections.

    If Giants beat the Cubs, that would be sick and one step closer to Cleveland vs Golden State, I mean SAN Francisco.

    Indians vs Bluejays
    Cavs vs Raptors

    1. Dan Behrendt mentions a small possibility of this curse continuing and Cleveland winnning WS in one of his videos,He has a good video about this and the curse ending, or continuing

  5. Its funny how lebron james is a yankee fan but now he is all in for the Indians. I was thinking cubs vs indians before the playoffs started. Two teams with C's as there logo like 33. There's a lot of destiny talk sorrounding the cubs.

  6. Come on Zach something wake you up, its after 4 am here in Baltimore and I need new reading material. Lets Go O's ----Uh Never mind they are gone!!

  7. The Indians WS history is quite interesting. Every team they've played against has either moved cities or changed names. They won against the Brooklyn Robins in 1920 (who changed to the Dodgers, then left for LA), they beat the Boston Braves in 1948 (They moved twice, to Milwaukee, then Atlanta), lost to the New York Giants in 1954 (moved to SF), lost to the Atlanta Braves in 1995 (moved their from Milwaukee), and lost in 1997 to the Florida Marlins (changed to Miami Marlins). If Cubs face them, will they move our change their name?

    1. well most teams are seemingly not from original city or same name, shit even the yankees were originally the baltimore orioles then the NY Highlanders, im too lazy to look at them, but i guess 70%+ are not original cities/names

  8. Giants last hitter struck out on 103mph fastball cubs up 2-0 in series. There's the 103 again.